18 Smart Home Remedies to Lose Water Weight Fast

The quickest way for you to slim down in just a short time is to get rid of the water weight from your body. Take note that 60% of your current weight is actually due to water which is why some people look a bit puffy. For those who are getting married and need to lose weight fast, reducing your water weight is your best choice. Women aren’t the only ones who can do this but men and even children too. You can actually lose about 3 pounds when you stick to a strict diet on a certain day. However, the drawback here is that you can retain water quickly. The only way to regulate your water weight is to switch to a healthier lifestyle.

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Athletes need to reduce their water weight in order to keep their body slim and fresh.

Below are some really effective steps that can help you get rid of water weight fast.

1. Sit-ups and cardiac exercises.

Your body can lose water weight when you do any exercise that warms up your body and increase your heart rate. Cardiac exercises such as treadmill and walking can help you trim water weight during the night. This is why you should do cardiac exercises during the morning and at night particularly before you sleep as it helps quicken the reduction of your water weight.

While you are working out to reduce your water weight, make sure that you pay attention to your sitting and standing posture. You should keep your back straight and the spine erect as it helps in streamlining the flow of water to your entire body. Doing sit-ups and squats during your free time not only helps you in losing water weight but also help tone your muscles.

2. Add extra 30 minutes to your sleep.

Only a few people manage to sleep a full 8 hours in a day while most tend to sleep 5 to 6 hours only. For those who want to lose their water weight, adding 30 minutes to their sleep time can help provide them with additional energy for their workout to reduce water weight. A lot of doctors recommend sleeping for 9 hours as this helps provide you enough energy to stay active for longer periods of time to enable you to lose water weight.

3. Eat more herbs.

Eating herbs such as fennel, ginger, parsley, and garlic can add more antioxidants to your body. They also help get rid of any excess water in your body without causing dehydration.

4. Take pills for gas.

Just like supplements for water loss, pills for anti-gas can also help speed up elimination of water weight. This type of supplement works by increasing your digestion and breaking up the bubbles caused by gas in the digestive track. The gas that gets released is usually the cause of your bloated appearance so taking anti-gas pills can also help flatten your tummy.

5. Rose petal water.

Place some rose petals in a pan and add distilled water. Simmer it for about 15 to 20 minutes or until the petals’ color fades. Strain the mixture. Drink ½ cup of it every morning and on an empty stomach. This helps reduce the amount of h2o in your circulatory system.

6. Herbal tea.

Switching to herbal tea instead of milk since the latter slows down your reduction of water weight. Herbal teas such as green tea, herbal grass tea, chamomile, and lemon tea not only help you lose your water weight but they can also help in your body’s detoxification.

7. Carrots.

Munching on carrots can help speed up your metabolism which can assist in your weight loss goals. Also, this provides you with the energy to exercise without getting tired fast.

8. Tomato.

This vegetable is packed with vitamin C, iron, and calcium. Eating tomato daily can help you lose your water weight fast.

9. Watermelon.

You can either drink the juice of watermelon or eat the fruit. Both steps work wonder when it comes to getting rid of your water weight. Also watermelon is known for its vitamin A, B, C, and magnesium content that are responsible for making your skin look radiant.

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10. Lemon, cucumber, and mint.

Combine ½ cup cucumber juice, 3 cups lemon juice, and 2 teaspoons mint juice. Drink this to balance your pH levels, boost your digestive system, as well as ditch your water weight.

11. Cabbage juice.

Although the taste of cabbage juice may not be to your liking, but adding a bit of yogurt as well as pepper can help get rid of water weight fast. Cabbage has minerals and properties that keep your body from retaining water since it maintains how fast your body absorbs water. It can also help with bloating and inflammation.

12. Apple cider vinegar.

Considered as a natural diuretic, ACV can help regulate your potassium levels. Losing potassium as you reduce your water weight can be dangerous to your kidneys but as long as you take two spoons of ACV daily, you can get your potassium levels regulated to stay healthy and fresh even while eliminating water weight.

13. Apples.

Consume 1 to 2 apples with their skin on to reduce water retention.

14. Eat salmon.

Freckles and wrinkles tend to pop out when water weight is reduced. The best way to counter this is to eat a good amount of salmon since it keeps you hydrated as well as improve your skin condition.

15. Supplements for water loss.

There are plenty of choices in the market today and they usually come in pill form and are easy on your pockets. Take these supplements under the supervision of a fitness trainer to expedite water weight loss.

16. Parsley tea.

Avoiding coffee may not keep you refreshed the entire day so why not look for an alternative that can help lower your water weight too? Parsley is actually a good choice since its antioxidants can make you lose water weight fast. Drink parsley tea 3 times in a day as it can help you stay active and properly hydrated.

17. Basic acupressure.

There are four acupressure points in your body. These areas are found two fingers width under the belly button, inside your anklebone, under the knee bone’s largest bulge, and at the back of the shinbone’s inner border. Applying pressure to these areas not only minimizes water in your body but can help regulate water flow to all your organs too.

18. Drink plenty of water.

If you want to reduce your water weight as quickly as possible drink adequate amounts of water to stay hydrated. Reducing the amount of water in your body will not affect you that much since it is easy to gain it in just 10 days.


• Wear sweatshirt or thermal wear during cardiac exercises to make you sweat more without working out for long hours.
• Avoid foods that are high in carbs such as white bread, rice, or even white pasta since they require additional water in the body. They also get digested quickly making you eat more than is necessary.
• Avoid canned and processed foods due to their salt content. Too much salt can make your body retain more water. The same goes true with consuming too much sugar.
• Walk in beach sand for at least 50 minutes daily if you reside near the beach.
• You may look puffy or bloated when you sleep after drinking caffeinated drinks. Stay away from aerated drinks, coffee, as well as caffeinated food especially when you are trying to reduce your water weight.
• Increase your fiber intake as this helps in absorbing water so you can lose weight fast.


• Don’t rush your water weight loss goal. Give yourself about two weeks.
• There are some who don’t drink water altogether just to lose their water weight. This is actually a myth and can even lead to dehydration not to mention urinal infection. Drink adequate amounts of water.
• It’s dangerous to lose more than 3% of your water weight at a time. Avoid working out too much or losing as much as 3% water weight in just a day.

Keep in mind that when you use diuretics to lose your water weight, regular or high doses can dehydrate you not to mention make you bloat. If you have a heart problem, diabetes or taking any medication, you shouldn’t lose your water weight fast.

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