5 Ways Oregano Oil Can Boost Your Overall Health

Nowadays, people are seeing the value of going all natural when it comes to treating various diseases or at least improving one’s condition. Essential oils, although they have been around for centuries, are fast gaining popularity once more in many health conscious circles. This isn’t surprising as these essential oils are extracted from natural ingredients hence their benefits are still intact. One particular essential oil that is considered to be a must-have in any home is the oregano oil. Here are five known uses of this oil for your overall health.

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Protects against viral infections

The first thing that you will like about oregano oil is that it can actually protect you from viral infections by strengthening your immune system. When your immune system is working properly, you won’t be susceptible to colds, pox, measles, and mumps even. A healthy immune system means that your body will be able to fight any autoimmune diseases by boosting production of white blood cells.

Eliminates dandruff

Another way for you to use oregano oil is to treat itchy dandruff. Most of the time, dandruff is triggered by malassezia which is a type of fungal infection. Although we all have this on our scalp, some are more prone to triggers because their immune system has been compromised. Since oregano essential oil has anti-fungal properties, it can easily eliminate dandruff.

Prevents allergies

Oregano essential oil also acts as an anti-allergenic which prevents any hyper-reactions in your body when an external stimulus is introduced. Because oregano oil has sedative properties, it calms any hypersensitivity so that there will be relief from any symptoms of allergies. This is useful for those who can suffer from serious reactions such as swelling in the throat.

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Kills parasites

One of the best qualities of oregano essential oil is that it has the ability to eliminate any parasites that are present in your body especially those that are found in your digestive system. Ingesting this oil can help eliminate any parasites that are lingering in your digestive tract and if you apply it topically, any fleas or lice will be removed too.

Reduces inflammation

What else can you get out of oregano oil? Well, it does work efficiently when it comes to fighting off inflammation in the body. This oil is capable of managing any inflammation in the body regardless of external or internal sources. Applying this topically can fight off irritation and even redness. If you are experiencing pain because of an injury or arthritis, using oregano essential oil on the affected area can help out a lot.

So you see? There are a lot of reasons why you should add oregano essential oil to your medical kit because it is quite beneficial to your overall health.

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