Adrenal Fatigue: What It is and How to Cope with It

Your adrenals release hormones to help you cope with stress. Located on the top of each of your kidneys, these glands tend to function below optimal level most especially after prolonged period of stress. A condition referred to as adrenal fatigue develops because of this, and it’s something that can leave you constantly tired without apparent cause.

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More and more people these days are being bugged by adrenal fatigue. Sadly, the said condition is not getting the kind of recognition they deserve from medical professionals. Needless to say, there is no known cure for adrenal fatigue to date. However, there are a few diet and lifestyle changes that can help a sufferer cope with it.

Because of an average person’s stress levels these days are simply off the charts, it’s no wonder why a lot of people are now suffering from adrenal fatigue. Poor diet and exposure to environmental toxins also contribute to the development of the said condition. The fact is this problem has been around since the dawn of mankind, although it’s only in the last 100 years since adrenal fatigue has become an epidemic of sort.

Adrenal fatigue does not happen in a snap. It is something that slowly leaves your adrenal glands exhausted, usually spanning a few years. Some experts believe that the condition is mainly brought about by emotional stress. A relationship turned sour, an unbearable boss or job, moving to a new place — all of these and more can cause emotional stress.

Just like what’s mentioned earlier, a poor diet is also blamed for adrenal fatigue. Studies have shown that too much sugar and excess weight can leave the adrenals suffering. Exposure to chemicals and pollutants, lack of sleep and long-term diseases are also being blamed for the development of chronic fatigue.

So what does one do to cope with chronic fatigue? The primary goal is to allow the adrenals to recover. Also, it’s important to keep those glands from being exhausted furthermore. Below you will find some simple tips and tricks on allowing your adrenals to bounce back and eventually bring your adrenal fatigue to an end.

• Get plenty of sleep. Spending 7 to 9 hours in dreamland each night is vital for your successful recovery from adrenal fatigue. Lack of sleep is a form of stress, and this is why it can only make the problem worse.

• Stay away from as much stressors as you can. It’s virtually impossible to lead a stress-free life these days, but it is still impossible to make life a little less stressful by knowing when to say “no”.

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• Meditate to eliminate stress. There are plenty of superb stress-busters around. They include performing yoga, having a relaxing bath, getting a massage, taking care of a pet, embracing a new hobby and listening to music.

• Dodge anyone who brings negativity to your life. Earlier, it was mentioned that emotional stress is the key cause of adrenal fatigue. That’s why you should steer clear of anyone that’s causing you anxiety.

• Refrain from drinking caffeinated beverages. Coffee and others that contain stimulants cause your adrenals to release adrenaline unnecessarily, something that can make it exhausted much further.

• Eat foods with cholesterol. Too much cholesterol is not good for you, but cholesterol per se is not bad. Cholesterol is important for the proper production of hormones by your adrenal glands.

• Steer clear of foods with too much carbohydrates and sugar. A poor diet is one of the contributing factors to the exhaustion of the adrenals. Make sure that your diet does not consist of excessive carbs and sugar.

• Avoid junk and processed foods. Similarly, you should keep your hands off of foods that are laden with chemicals as well as deep-fried in fat. What you need to do for faster recovery is go for nutritious meals.

• Include sea salt in your diet. Sea sat is packed with minerals necessary for the proper functioning of the adrenal glands and optimum health. Season your food with a little sea salt to bounce back from the condition.

• Avoid strenuous exercises and physical activities. To give your adrenals much-needed rest, go easy on exercising. You should also refrain from engaging in physical activities that leave you feeling exhausted.

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