Enjoy the Sights and Sounds Sans Gaining Pounds: Tips to Avoid Vacation Weight Gain

Having a holiday can certainly fill your photo album with beautiful snapshots of distant cities or scenic beaches, and your mind with memories worth recollecting for a lifetime. If you’re not careful, however, it’s also something that can leave your weight in a complete mess!

No one really loses unwanted poundage while exploring popular tourist spots, what with all the interesting foodstuffs each and every spot on the planet you could visit has to offer. The disruption in your regular exercise program also contributes to the matter! So don’t get shocked in case you found out that you have gained some weight after your retreat — this usually happens to everyone who sets foot outside their home to explore and escape the daily grind.

The key is to plump up your mind and not your figure. Fortunately, there are some smart tips on keeping those “extra baggage” to a minimum. Here they are:

Skip the Airline Meal

Did you know that an airline meal packs a little over 1,000 calories on an average? This is the reason why you should ditch meals offered 35,000 feet from the ground in case they’re offered. While some airlines actually offer low-fat gems, it’s a much better idea for a weight-conscious flyer to opt for packed goodies. Vegetable sticks, trail mix, crackers, oatmeal cookies, beef jerky — all of these make for excellent in-flight snacks that should be in your carry-on.

Go for a Hotel with a Kitchenette

Just because you have no access to your kitchen doesn’t mean you should ditch healthy eating. Booking at a hotel offering rooms with kitchenettes lets you whip up meals that won’t wreck your waistline. With a kitchenette, there is no need for you to step foot inside the nearest fast food joint each time your tummy grumbles. Also, before you start your adventure, a kitchenette lets you enjoy one of the most important meals of the day — breakfast.

Rent a Bicycle

Traffic jams are some of the downsides to traveling during peak seasons of the year. Luckily, you can prevent wastage of precious time during a holiday by using a bicycle to get from one point to the other. We all know that bicycling is a wonderful exercise for the core and leg muscles. In other words, renting a bicycle allows you to hit two birds with one stone — squeezing through heavy traffic and working out.

Spend Some Time in the Water

It’s a fact that swimming is a fantastic low-impact form of cardiovascular exercise. It’s for this reason why it is a great idea to do some laps in the pool — if the hotel you’re booked at offers one. Or in case you are near the ocean, take advantage of the situation! Swimming effectively works out large muscle groups of your body and burns excess calories incurred from enjoying all of those sampled delicacies.

Opt for Smaller Portions

No vacation would be complete without having some of the local treats. In order for you to prevent unnecessary weight gain, remember to enjoy everything in smaller portions only. This smart move not only saves you from packing unwanted pounds, but also lets you enjoy several different goodies without leaving you with indigestion. If you’re traveling with someone, consider sharing meals.

Get a Good Night’s Sleep

We all know that lack of sleep can leave you feeling stressed, which can cause a number of problems including increased appetite that will surely end up in weight gain. It’s for this reason why you should never forget to stash in your carry-on a pouch containing some shut-eye essentials like earplugs and a sleep mask. The said vacation basics can also come in handy when trying to get some much-needed sleep during long-haul flights to and fro your home.

Limit Your Intake of Alcoholic Beverages

Are you fond of enjoying overseas nightlife with alcohol? If so, limiting your drinking during the perfect getaway can help save you from going back home with unwanted poundage. Certainly, you should try to steer clear of sugary mixes as they are definitely packed with calories. Here’s one trick to effectively reduce your alcohol consumption while on a holiday: never drink before 5 PM strikes.

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