Amazing Health Benefits Offered by Damiana

Damiana is an herb with fragrant leaves, and it thrives in various dry and sunny areas of North and Central America like California, Texas and Mexico where it is actually regarded as a national treasure.

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However, damiana is not a newcomer in the world of herbal medicine. In fact, it’s been used by the Mayans for a variety of reasons, and boosting the libido and sexual potency are just some of the most popular ones. Damiana can be obtained from various herbal stores online and offline in the form of capsules, tea, powder and extracts.

So without further ado, let’s take a look at some the most jaw-dropping benefits of damiana:

It Calms the Nervous System

Scientists say that a particular compound in the herb called damianin has the ability to soothe the nervous system. It’s for this reason exactly why damiana is being used for so many years already in lowering both stress and anxiety levels. Because of its ability to calm the body and mind, it’s also often used as a natural remedy for insomnia.

Damiana also possess mild euphoric properties, and that is why the natives of Mexico — even the Mayans in the past — used it for enhancing the mood for hundreds of years.

It Soothes Gastric Issues

The intake of damiana in tea form is often recommended by traditional healers for people who are being troubled by an upset stomach. That’s because the herb is just as capable of relaxing the stomach as it does the nerves.

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Often, damiana is also employed for treating stomach ulcers. The herb is capable of healing open sores that form on the inner lining of the stomach because of its arbutin content, which is known to have antiseptic properties. Arbutin, according to scientists, also has antioxidant properties that contribute to damiana’s stomach ulcer-healing ability.

It Helps Reduce Excess Pounds

Damiana tea is also commonly taken by individuals who like to get rid of unwanted weight. There are a couple of reasons why the herb is known to be an effective slimming agent. First, it is said to help increase the core body temperature, which results in an accelerated metabolic rate and a more efficient burning of excess fat.

Second, damiana possesses mild laxative and diuretic properties. Because of this, an individual can easily lose a pound or two, although it’s important to note that it’s just toxins and water weight that are lost.

It Increases Urine Production

Speaking of diuretic properties, damiana is used by traditional healers in managing health problems that can be remedied with the removal of excess water in the body through the kidneys.

For instance, those who are suffering from urinary tract infections or UTIs may attain healing as bacteria in the excretory system can be flushed out more efficiently. Sometimes, damiana is also given to individuals who are hypertensive because the herb’s diuretic properties can help in lowering the blood pressure.

JUST A FEW WORDS OF CAUTION: Just like when using any other herb for therapeutic purposes, see to it that you employ damiana only under the direct supervision of a trusted and experienced herbalists. If you are pregnant or breastfeeding, or diagnosed with a medical condition, talk to your doctor before using damiana in any way.

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