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Common Causes of Groin Numbness

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You can put the blame for numbness in the groin area on a wide variety of things. For instance, sitting for extended periods of time can leave you desensitized down there. Groin numbness, in some instances, can be accompanied by pain and some other symptoms. If such is the case and most especially if the problem refuses to go away, it is certainly a good idea for you to pay your doctor a visit.

Below you will come across some of the most common causes of groin numbness.

Riding a Bicycle

Are you a fitness enthusiast who likes to use a stationary bicycle or actually bike to stay in shape? Or do you deliver newspapers or other items from door to door using a bicycle?

If such is the case, then it’s not unlikely for your groin to feel numb especially after riding your bicycle for some time. According to experts, you can keep the problem from striking even after taking long bicycle rides with the use of what’s referred to as a no-nose saddle.

Sitting for a Long Time or Poorly

It’s not just after sitting on your bicycle for long periods of time that can cause groin numbness, but also sitting anywhere else. If your work or lifestyle entails sitting all the time, then you may encounter the problem regularly. This is most especially true if your posture while seated is not commendable.

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Needless to say, it is a good idea for you to stand up every now and then to relieve pressure on the groin muscles and nerves. Walking and stretching once in a while is also highly recommended.

Being Obese or Overweight

If you are carrying unnecessary body pounds, don’t be surprised if it seems like you feel numbness in the various parts of the lower half of your body, including your groin. That’s because being obese or overweight can cause unnecessary pressure on or irritation of the nerves in your lower extremities. Experts confirm that such can also lead to the wearing of the nerves and soft tissues surrounding them.

Certainly, it’s highly recommended for you to maintain a more ideal weight. It’s something that can help fend off not only groin numbness, but also all kinds of health concerns ranging from type 2 diabetes to heart disease.

Having Type 2 Diabetes

Speaking of type 2 diabetes, are you suffering such disease and you are poor at managing it? Then it is very much likely for you to experience groin numbness. This is most especially true if you are unable to fend off high levels of blood sugar that can cause damage to the nerves.

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Other than the groin, it’s not unlikely for you to also feel numbness in the legs, feet, arms and hands as a result of what’s referred to as peripheral neuropathy.

Suffering From a Hernia

Put simply, a hernia is a condition in which a part of an organ becomes displaced and ends up protruding against the wall of the cavity in which it is situated. More often than not, it involves a part of the intestine pushing against a weak area in the muscular wall of the abdomen.

There are various kinds of hernias, but those that can cause numbness in the groin are inguinal (more common) and femoral (less common) hernias. Experts confirm that a hernia does not heal on its own and tend to worsen overtime. It usually requires surgical repair in severe cases.

Having a Nerve Compression

Groin numbness can sometimes be blamed on what’s referred to as a slipped disc. Basically, it’s something that entails the weakening and displacement of the disc found in between the bones of the spine, which is something that can apply pressure on the nerve in the area.

There is also what’s called a pinched nerve, and it can be brought about by the narrowing of the canal running through the spine. A narrowed spinal canal can be due to various things like spondylosis and spondylolisthesis, although some people are simply born with it.

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