Eat This to Slim Down Quickly

A lot of weight loss diets tell you to stay away from as much food as you can. Well, it’s no wonder why most of them do not work — steering clear of food can considerably slow down your metabolism, thus making it so much harder for you be spotted with the svelte figure you have always wanted to have.

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If you want to speed up your metabolic rate, eating more frequently is the way to go. Just remember to stick to healthy types of food and also opt for just a small serving each time.

There is no food on the face of the planet that can make those excess pounds you have disappear in the blink of an eye. However, there are those that are scientifically-proven to help you eliminate unwanted weight a little faster. In order for you to slim down quickly, consider snacking on green apples on a regular basis. This article will tell you the reason why, so don’t stop reading now!

Got some family members and friends who are always complaining that they cannot seem to shrink their waistlines quickly? Then make sure that you repost this article later on before you go so that they, too, may learn why eating green apples regularly can leave everyone else green with envy with their nicer figures.

They Have More Polyphenols

Polyphenols — these are plant-based compounds that have antioxidant properties, and this means that they are very good for dealing with oxidative stress. Scientists say that there are so many different problems that can stem from oxidative stress, and unnecessary gaining of weight is just one common example.

Needless to say, supplying the body with sufficient amounts of polyphenols is essential in order to put oxidative stress and ultimately unwanted weight gain under control.

All apples have plenty of polyphenols in them. However, according to numerous scientific investigations it seems like green apples boast of more polyphenols than their red or yellow counterparts. It’s not that green apples are healthier than the rest — it’s just that they have more of those oxidative stress-busting polyphenols.

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Fiber Helps Stave Off Hunger

Green apples, just like apples of other colors or varieties, are loaded with fiber. Everyone knows for a fact that a diet that’s high in fiber is very good for fending off constipation. So in other words, fiber helps you stay regular. Health authorities confirm that a high-fiber diet may also lower one’s risk of battling colorectal cancer one day.

And don’t forget that consuming foods loaded with fiber is also very good for keeping at bay some serious health-related matters such as type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease.

Munching on green apples is perfect for someone who is looking forward to having a nicer figure as their fiber content can in fact help to put an end to unnecessary hunger and cravings. That’s because fiber is heavy on the stomach — it’s something that can make you feel full right away and also for a long period of time.

Water Promotes Weight Loss, Too

According to experts, green apples are some of the most water-rich fruits on the face of the planet. They say that a 100-gram unpeeled green apple is about 86 percent water.

This only means that snacking on it can help keep your body hydrated very well. For someone who is figure-conscious, that’s excellent news. Are you aware that staying hydrated is essential for keeping the metabolism running optimally? So in other words, dehydration is a complete no-no for anyone who would like to slim down in no time.

Water found abundantly in green apples also helps you to feel satiated, thus saving you from having the urge to have seconds or unhealthy snacks in between meals.

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