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Foods that Can Actually Combat Diseases

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Eating fruits and vegetables is often recommended to us by health experts because they can provide us with vitamins and minerals that are essential for our health. Most of us just add these foods to our diet because we know that they will help us with our weight loss goals. However, did you know that there are some fruits and vegetables that can do more than just let us shed weight? Truth be told, there are others that can actually combat diseases which many of us are not really aware of. Here are some examples of foods that you can add to your diet to stay strong against various diseases.

  • White Tea. We all have heard about the amazing benefits of green tea but don’t forget that white tea is also effective in fighting off diseases. For one thing, it has high amounts of antioxidants that are known for their abilities to preventing cell damage from free radicals. What’s more, white tea can stop cancer cells from forming in your colon. And if that is not enough, you can also get to drop a pound or two by sipping this tea.
  • Alfalfa Sprouts. Eating a cup of these sprouts only contain 10 calories and has almost no fats at all. Alfalfa sprouts also have saponins which is a type of phytochemicals that can fight of cancer cells and also reduce your cholesterol levels too. You can add them to your sandwiches or salads for that added crunch.
  • Flax Seeds. If you want to protect your heart against stroke, heart attack and other problems, make sure that you introduce flax seeds to your diet. These seeds are actually effective in raising your HDL or good cholesterol levels. What’s more, flax seeds also have fiber in them which can help make your stomach feel full. Sprinkle some flax seeds over your rice, salads, and such to enjoy its full benefits.
  • Apples. While we’re talking about fiber, apples are definitely in the list. What makes this fruit a worthwhile choice for living healthy is because it is one of the best sources of pectin. Pectin is a type of soluble fiber that can reduce your cholesterol, your blood pressure, the severity of your diabetes, and also minimize your risk of certain types of cancer. Whether you’re going to eat them as is or add them to salads, you’ll certainly love the taste of apples and the benefits that they can deliver to you.
  • Black Beans. Another food that you should add to your diet is black beans. This type of beans actually contains plenty of soluble fiber that is good for your digestion. What this particular fiber can do is to reduce your LDL cholesterol levels to protect you against various heart issues. Try eating at least 5 grams of black beans every day to reduce your cholesterol levels.
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As you can see, these foods are actually effective in fighting off diseases. Adding them to your diet can give you the protection you need so you can stay healthy and strong.

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