What To Do When Acne Treatments Aren’t Working

You’ve tried everything! From miracle serums, hypoallergenic creams, facial treatments and prayers still your acne remains. What do you do now? Don’t worry, there is always a reason why things happen the way they do. So, ask yourself are you doing your acne treatments right or are you making it worse? Let us fix your acne treatment No-no’s and get you that smooth acne free skin.

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Not Using the Treatment Regularly

Acne treatments can’t do their job if you can’t use them properly. Medication need time before they completely work. If you use acne once or twice a week instead of everyday, then it is never going to work. If you want results follow the time and application procedure the product or the dermatologist indicate.


Over The Counter Creams

If your OTC creams aren’t doing the job opt for prescription ones. Talk to a dermatologist and they will prescribe you the right products for your face. OTC creams are usually designed for mild acne.


Treatment for ten to twelve weeks

We all wish to have one of those miracle creams that make all blemishes disappear in one application. Alas it does not exist, yet! Until then we have to make do of what we have. Acne creams are designed to do its job in the estimated time of ten to twelve weeks. Give it some time to do its job. Don’t worry about getting breakouts during this period its normal. Your skin is still getting used to the product.


Following Instructions

Acne creams and serums have specific instructions for them to work. You need to follow these instructions to get the results you want. Reread the instruction everyday to make sure you haven’t missed anything out. Tiny mistakes, like applying on damp skin or not washing your face before application can cause the product to stop working.

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Tried and Tested Products

There are so many acne products on the market, how will you know if the product really works. Find a product that has a proven track record and avoid using products that are cheap and are not approved.


Stick to the Plan

If your dermatologist gave you a list of things to do or avoid during your treatment, follow it to the T. Not going through with the plan can cause your skin further irritation.


Do Not Pick Your Skin

Picking and popping your skin will only make it worse! This will increase inflammation and cause scarring. Popping may feel good but it just makes everything worse.


Talk To A Professional

If you’ve tried every OTC creams out there then this might be an internal issue. Talk to a dermatologist about your skin and ask for medical advice. Some Acne breakouts can be cause by hormonal changes. A dermatologist will be able to point you to the right direction. The direction for acne free skin.


Follow this simple tips and tricks to get the result you want. Keep your head on track and keep up with your treatment.

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