Foods to Help with Weight Gain

Around two thirds of the population in the United States are straddling the line between overweight and obesity. But did you know that there are those who are trying to gain weight but can’t? just like being obese, not having enough weight or underweight can put you at risk too. Regardless of whether you are chronic underweight or you want to build some muscles, you’re probably wondering how to make your weight go up.

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Fortunately, there are plenty of foods that you can add to your diet that will help you with gaining weight.Here are a few that you should try out.


If you want to make your weight go up, you will need to start by adding more protein to your diet. One reason behind this is that protein rich foods can help make your muscles grow. When you eat large amounts of protein, they will be converted into muscles. One thing you need to keep in mind is that eating too much protein can make you feel full for hours which means that you won’t be eating too much. This can affect your weight gain needs.

Energy-dense foods

When it comes to weight gain, you will need to choose energy dense foods instead.Single-ingredient foods are recommended, but one problem with this is that you get to eat less because you are always full. With that being said, you should use spices to make your food scrumptious, so you will eat more for weight gain.Think nuts, fats, oils, and dried fruit just to name a few.

Eat more carbs and fats

Reducing your intake of carbs and fats may be a good idea if you are trying to lose weight,but not when you are trying to gain weight. The best thing to do is to eat higher amounts of carbs as well as high-fat foods which can help you with your weight gain. As much as possible, avoid doing intermittent fasting since it will be harder for you to gain muscles. Make it a point to eat three times a day if you want to increase your weight.

Lift weights

Another tip on how you can gain weight is to lift weights. Lifting weights can cause micro tearing in your body where the muscles are, which are then repaired when you are in the recovery stage. It would help to have a professional to assist you in your weight gain needs. The more you lift weights, the more muscles you get to build in the process.

Weight gain shakes

What else can help you gain weight? Eating weight gain shakes can help you get more calories in your body too. Add this to your diet, and you will be eating and gaining weight in the process.

Have more calories

If you really  want to gain weight, you will need to eat more calories as much as possible.The good news is that eating regularly and choosing calorie-laden foods can help you with your weight gain.


Now is a good time to have bagels in your breakfast as increasing your carb intake is important in your quest to gain weight. What else can you do to make this higher in calorie content? Add whipped cream.

These are just a few options that you should consider if you want to gain weight. Fortunately, there are more foods out there that can help you with your weight gain needs. Eating regularly, and exercising can help you gain muscles and increase your weight too.

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