Home Remedies for Adult Butt Rashes

It’s perfectly normal for babies to have rashes on their little butts because they are using diapers — that is why this very common skin issue among babies is referred to as diaper rash.

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But just because you are now an adult and no longer use diapers do not mean that you are impervious to having rashes on your bum. Well, doctors say that butt rashes can affect people of all ages, not just babies.

So just in case you woke up one day with rashes on your buttocks, do not panic. It’s not just you — some of your family members, friends and co-workers may be secretly having the same problem!

There are many different things that can cause butt rashes to strike. Some of them include eczema, psoriasis and fungal infections. Folliculitis can cause your bum to form rashes, too.

Are you aware that certain types of sexually transmitted diseases or STDs can cause butt rashes? Actually they can cause rashes to appear primarily on the genitals, but areas near or around them are often affected as well.

Needless to say, it’s important for you to pay your doctor a visit if those rashes are not only on your behind, but also genitals. The same should be done if the rashes seem to give off pus or gooey liquid.

Here are some of the things that you may try to put butt rashes under control:


You may pulverize a cup of uncooked oats using your high-speed blender and dissolve it in your cold bathwater. Soak in it for several minutes until you attain much-needed relief from those itchy butt rashes.

Aside from that approach, you may simply add a few drops of water to a little pulverized uncooked oats. The resulting paste should be left on your buttocks, which should be rinsed off with water after 20 to 30 minutes.

Chamomile Tea

Are you fond of brewing a cup of chamomile tea on a regular basis to help you deal with the likes of stress, anxiety and insomnia? Then you have easy access to a superb home remedy for those rashes on your bum.

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What you need to do is allow a cup of chamomile tea to chill in the refrigerator for a few minutes. Afterwards, soak large cotton pads in it and place them on affected areas for up to half an hour.

Aloe Vera

If you have some aloe vera plants in your garden, then you have one of the best all-natural solutions for butt rashes, and that’s aloe vera gel found in the leaves of those plants.

Just harvest a little aloe vera gel and massage it on trouble spots on your behind. After about 10 to 15 minutes, rinse off with water. Have no access to aloe vera plants? See if 100% pure aloe vera juice will work, too.

Tea Tree Oil

So many different skin issues can be remedied at home with tea tree oil, and butt rashes are included. This is the reason why having a small bottle of tea tree oil in your medicine cabinet or first aid kit is a great idea.

Before applying tea tree oil on those pesky rashes on your butt, dilute it with your choice of carrier oil first. As a general rule of thumb, a drop of tea tree oil should be added to a teaspoon of, say, coconut oil.

Coconut Oil

And speaking of coconut oil, this yummy-smelling oil can also be employed for dealing with butt rashes no matter if they are due to microbial infection, eczema or psoriasis.

Regularly massaging a very small amount of coconut oil on your bum can help heal those rashes. Coconut oil is also very good at relieving the many symptoms associated with having butt rashes.


Finally, you may also use honey if you cannot seem to get your hands on a bottle of coconut oil. Honey is a lot stickier than coconut oil, but that’s okay because it can really impress.

Make sure that you opt for honey that is raw and organic if you want to zap those butt rashes. Something that is simply out of refined sugar or corn syrup won’t work — it can actually worsen the problem!

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