Habits That Help Keep Your Nerves Healthy

Do you sometimes feel a burning or tingling sensation in your hands and feet? Usually, it’s a symptom of neuropathy, which is damage to the peripheral nerves — nerves that connect your brain and spinal cord to the rest of your body. Taking good care of your nerves is so important to keep at bay sensory issues especially in the extremities.

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Unfortunately, neuropathy is something that’s irreversible, according to doctors. That’s because the body is not capable of repairing nerves that are already damaged.

But if you are diagnosed with neuropathy, there is no need to fret as it is very much possible to have the symptoms put under control. There are all sorts of drugs available for managing nerve damage, as well as a number of alternative healing forms. Indeed, neuropathy doesn’t need to have a very huge impact in your life.

Whether or not you have neuropathy, it’s of utmost importance for you to take good care of your nerves. Here are some habits that can help keep you nerves in a healthy state, experts say:

Keeping Diabetes Under Control

Do you suffer from diabetes? Then you are at risk of developing what’s called diabetic neuropathy — nerve damage that is related to diabetes. Diabetic neuropathy commonly affects the feet of diabetics.

The reason why people with diabetes are prone to ending up with neuropathy is increased levels of sugar in the blood. You see, having high blood sugar levels for extended periods of time can eventually damage the nerves. Although peripheral neuropathy is more common in the feet, it can also affect the legs, arms and hands.

Consuming Foods Rich in B Vitamins

B vitamins are nutrients so important for keeping the nerves healthy and functioning very well. It’s for this reason why it is a good idea for you to regularly consume foods that are loaded with B vitamins. This is true no matter if you are diagnosed with neuropathy or you just want to keep your nerves out of harm’s way.

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Some of the best food sources of those nerve-protecting B vitamins include milk and various dairy products, eggs, beef, pork, chicken, turkey, fish. There are also lots of foods fortified with B vitamins, like breakfast cereals.

Maintaining a Healthy Weight

Being overweight is not just a problem that concerns the image and self-confidence. According to doctors, it’s something that can also cause an assortment of health problems to strike, and neuropathy is one of them.

You see, one of the numerous medical conditions that can come about because of obesity is diabetes. Earlier, it was mentioned that the increase in blood sugar caused by diabetes can damage the nerves. Making healthy food choices and doing the next habit can help in keeping at bay issues with the nerves.

Exercising on a Regular Basis

It’s also recommended for you to exercise as regularly as you can if you want to ensure the health of your nerves. When you exercise, you are actually fending off some of the things that can eventually cause damage to your nerves. They include being overweight and having high levels of sugar in the blood.

You should exercise for at least 20 minutes a day, not less than 5 times a week. Don’t feel down because you don’t really have to get a gym subscription — walking, gardening, dancing and bicycling all count as great exercises.

Avoiding Cigarettes and Too Much Alcohol

Are you a smoker? Consider ditching your habit if you want to keep your nerves in tip-top shape because toxins that cigarettes pump into your body can actually damage your nerves.

You should also refrain from drinking lots and lots of alcohol. Just like cigarette smoking, this habit is something that can cause damage to the nerves. This does not mean, however, that you should turn your back on alcohol. What you need to do is keep your alcohol intake in moderation to have your nerves safeguarded from harm.

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