Remedies for Management of Chapped Lips

Chapped lips refers to the inflammation of the lips, which include the perioral skin of the vermilion border as well as its mucosa.

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Sun damage stands as one of the causes of dry lips and this can happen even if the weather is cloudy and the person is not under bright light. Also, chapped lips can be a result of certain conditions, such as dehydration and Kawasaki disease, according to Healthline. Other potential causes of having chapped lips include using matte lipsticks and long-lasting lip paints; pepper, mint, and menthol lip plumpers; vitamin A excess; vitamin B deficiency; yeast infections; and use of the anti-acne drug isotretinoin.

According to Paula’s Choice, the lips are considered as the driest spot on the face or body. Although the face is protected by relatively thick skin layer, the lips are just covered by a thin layer of skin, which leads to dryness. It is thought that when lips become dry, people are inclined to licking them to keep the moist; however, as per the publication, doing so just makes things worse. This is because of the saliva from the tongue and this fluid is the one responsible for destroying the lips’ thin protective layer. Thus, licking the lips is not encouraged whenever they feel dry, as it will just lead to more painful, sore, and cracked lips.

The use of an emollient lip balm or lip gloss is recommended to manage and prevent chapped lips. As per Paula’s Choice, a long-lasting balm provides spontaneous relief not only for rough, dry, and chapped lips, but also for dry skin, cuticles, hands, feet, as well as eczema. It also yields a protective layer, allowing the skin to heal and while it helps in the management of chapped lips, it is important to note that the application should not be too thick or waxy.

Since chapped lips is also caused by fluid volume deficit in the body, adequate water intake is also key to relieving the condition. According to Web MD, drinking enough water brings a number of benefits to the body and one of them is to deal with dehydration that results to chapped lips. In addition to water intake, the use of humidifier doors is also a good measure in the management of chapped lips. As per the publication, such devices keep the lips and its skin layer moist. It can also be used at home or at the workplace, especially during the winter season. One can also apply it at night before going to bed.

Sugar, honey, rose petals, castor oil, and milk cream can also be used as remedies for chapped lips, among others, according to Top 10 Home Remedies.

As per the publication, sugar has the ability to exfoliate the dead cells of the chapped lips, restoring its natural softness, while honey acts to moisten the lips, along with its healing and antimicrobial properties. Two teaspoons of sugar are mixed with one teaspoon of honey to form a paste, which is applied to the lips and is left for few minutes. The mixture is rubbed around the lips and is washed off with lukewarm water.

Rose petals and milk cream help in the management of chapped lips, since they act as natural lip moisturizer. A handful of the flower petals is washed in water and is soaked in milk for several hours. Take note that glycerine can be used as alternative to milk cream for people who have problems with dairy products. The petals are mashed into a thick paste, which is applied on the dry lips two to three times a day, as well as every night prior to going to bed.

Castor oil is also viewed as an effective treatment for dry and chapped lips. As per the publication, the oil is applied to the lips daily. To prepare, a teaspoon of castor oil is mixed with a teaspoon of glycerin and some drops of lemon juice. Before going to bed, use the mixture on the lips.

By applying the aforementioned measures properly, chapped lips can be effectively managed.

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