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Cancer Myths You Should Ignore

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According to the American Cancer Society, there will be approximately 1,685,210 diagnosed cancer cases in the US this year. Now you can rest assured that this is a fact. However, the same cannot be said about many of the pieces of information you can easily find on the internet.

There are miracle cures in our midst, medical treatments do more harm than good, surgery causes cancer to spread, eating sugary foodstuffs can trigger cancer — these and so many other myths need to be busted. The first step to knowing what cancer is and how it works is by separating the truths from the untruths.

So how do you begin debunking some common cancer myths? By reading on!

Loading Up on Superfoods Can Prevent Cancer

Having a healthy diet may help lower your risk of deadly cancer. However, cancer is a very complex disease — it cannot be thwarted by something as simple as eating lots of blueberries, kale, broccoli and other so-called superfoods. Keep on serving them on the table and have a healthy lifestyle to stay as far away as possible from cancer.

Having a Serious Case of Sweet Tooth Can Leave You with Cancer

There is no evidence that sugar can cause cancer, or can it exacerbate the feared disease. The only reason why there’s a link between sugar consumption and cancer is this: cancer cells devour lots of glucose, which is perfectly understandable because they grow much faster than normal, healthy cells in the body.

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Cancer Can Spread From Person to Person

Generally speaking, cancer is not contagious. However, you could be at risk of developing the disease if you received an organ from a donor who once had cancer. Certain viruses and bacteria that can trigger cancer may in fact be spread from one person to the next, but the cancers they cause are not really contagious in nature.

Miracle Cancer Cures Marketed on the Web Really Work

There are tons of products being tackled online that are said to be proven highly effective against cancer. If they worked just as terrific as their proponents claim them to be, then the world would be cancer-free now. Needless to say, cancer miracle cures are non-existent to date — kindly refer to the statistics on the first paragraph of this article.

You Will Get Cancer If a Relative of Yours Has Cancer

While it’s true that family history of cancer is a risk factor, there is no need to fear for your life if a relative has been diagnosed with cancer. The disease may run in families, but it doesn’t necessarily mean that you are doomed to have it. The fact is doctors do not really understand why some with cancer genes develop cancer and some don’t.

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Cancer Just Happens; You Can Do Nothing to Keep It From Striking

Many people have this notion that cancer is an overwhelming force that cannot be avoided. However, that’s just a myth. Prove to this is the fact that up to 50 percent of all types of cancers can be prevented, say the experts. Having a healthy diet and lifestyle, and staying away from toxins can help lower your cancer risk.

Medical Treatments for Cancer Can Do More Harm Than Good

Surgery, chemotherapy and radiotherapy may sometimes fail to completely get rid of cancer most especially if it’s already in an advanced stage. It’s true that the said treatments for cancer are not 100% effective as they also have an effect on healthy cells, but they can actually help — in some instances zapping the disease, in others prolonging survival.

A Positive Attitude Can Help a Cancer Patient Survive

There is no solid evidence that having a positive attitude can lower a cancer-stricken person’s risk of dying from the disease. It is perfectly normal for people with cancer to feel sad and depressed. However, those who maintain a positive attitude may be able to lead more normal and productive lives as they tend to stay active and connected.

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