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Hair Removal Tips for a Bump-Free Skin

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Have you ever tried shaving and ended up with razor burns, pimples, redness, and itching afterwards? You are not the only one who is having trouble keeping their skin smooth and bump-free after shaving as dozens of women out there are struggling to achieve that smooth and clean shave. Yes, there are creams available that you can use to get a close shave but there are other steps that you can take to achieve the best results. As a matter of fact, here are some hair removal tips that you can follow for a bump-free skin.

Cleanse the skin

When you cleanse your skin, you are preventing dirt, oil, and sweat from clogging your pores. One of the easiest ways to do this is to take a warm bath as the heat not only removes any dirt that may be clogging the pores but it also opens up the pores for easy cleaning.


You should also exfoliate your skin afterwards since this can remove any dead skin cells that may be lying on the surface of the skin. Another reason why you need to exfoliate your skin is that it actually prevents ingrown hairs from occurring when your hair starts growing back. This means that less bumps to worry about. There are two options for you to consider when it comes to exfoliating and these are chemical and mechanical or physical. A better option for you would be the physical or mechanical option as this is more in line with your need to remove hair. Think washcloths, brushes, loofahs, and scrubs. Keep in mind that the skin on your face is thin so go easy on the use of harsh exfoliators.

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Soften your hair and skin

If you want a good shave, you will need to soften your hair and skin first. Heat and moisture are critical to achieving this which is why it always a good idea get yourself a warm shower before shaving. You can also apply a hot, damp towel on the area that you plan on shaving and leave it on for 30 seconds. A good shaving cream can also be used at this point to help you remove hair easily.

Minimize friction as much as possible

When it comes to shaving, you need to minimize friction as much as possible. You can use a shaving cream or soap to make it easier for your razor to glide on your skin. If your method of removing hair is waxing, using an epilator, or sugaring, you should apply a thick coating of cornstarch powder on your skin before using any of these methods. 

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What else should you know to get a bump-free skin when shaving or removing hair? You will need to use a sharp or clean tool as much as possible when removing hair as dull or blunt tools can produce uneven results. Also, it might cause irritation since you need to glide the tool several times before you get the ideal results. Another thing to consider is to shave in the direction of the hair growth. This will help reduce irritation on the skin. And for you to manage irritation after shaving, you should apply a moisturizer immediately. 

What if you break out in pimples or irritation after you removed hair on your skin? The best treatment to alleviate this issue is to soak a cotton swab in an alcohol-free toner that contains witch hazel and aloe vera. Apply the solution on the affected areas. Once the toner has been absorbed, add a few drops of argan oil on your skin to nourish it.

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