Eat Oranges and Glow with Health

There are more than 600 varieties of oranges, with Navels and Valencias being the most common of them all. What’s so nice about these citrus fruits is they are available all year round, as evidenced by a simple trip to the nearest supermarket.

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The long list of health benefits offered by oranges can impress as well. Everyone knows that they are loaded with vitamin C, a powerful antioxidant that wards off cellular damage and promotes optimum health. Oranges also pack a number of other vitamins and minerals. Below you can find 5 reasons why you should start looking at these citrus fruits differently.

Oranges Detoxify the Body

Toxins and impurities are neutralized by the rich amounts of antioxidants present in oranges. Even though oranges are acidic, they have an alkalizing effect once consumed. This helps normalize the body’s pH balance, something necessary for the prevention and elimination of an assortment of diseases. Oranges also contain plenty of dietary fiber that promotes regular bowel movement, saving the intestinal tract from accumulating poisonous waste products.

Oranges Slow Down the Process of Skin Aging

Because of the impressive antioxidant content of these citrus fruits, maintaining a youthful glow can become an easy task. Antioxidants deactivate free radicals before they damage healthy cells. Because of this, the premature development of wrinkles, fine lines, liver spots and other cosmetic nightmares can be prevented. So that you may fully appreciate your beautiful skin, good vision is important. Oranges, coincidentally, also contain vitamin A that’s good for the eyes.

Oranges Support Heart Health

Antioxidants in oranges prevent fat oxidation and bad cholesterol buildup. Soluble fiber in oranges sweeps out plaque and cholesterol in the arteries for better blood circulation. These well-loved citrus fruits also contain potassium and calcium. Both minerals are necessary for the proper functioning of the heart as well as for the normalization of the blood pressure.

Oranges Prevent Cancer Cell Development

The presence of excessive amounts of free radicals in the body is the culprit behind so many health issues such as chronic inflammation, diabetes, obesity, atherosclerosis and even Alzheimer’s. It’s also the reason why cells mutate and end up as cancers. Having 1 or 2 oranges on a daily basis may help reduce your risk for cancer because oranges contain lots and lots of antioxidants that neutralize excess free radicals before they cause healthy cells to mutate.

Oranges Promote Better Nutrient Absorption

Certain nutrients in food can be absorbed better if they are taken with vitamin C, something that oranges have plenty of. The said nutrients are mostly minerals such as iron, calcium and folic acid. It’s a good idea to grab a piece of orange after having a meal. It makes for an excellent dessert while at the same time promotes better absorption of some nutrients.

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