Tukmaria Seeds — Their Health Benefits and Differences from Chia Seeds

Some of today’s superfoods come in really small packages. Take for example tukmaria seeds — tiny black seeds that are making a lot of heads turn towards them for the plethora of health benefits they bring. Used in traditional healing in India and China, tukmaria seeds deserve all the attention they are getting. Read on to learn more about tukmaria seeds.

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A Quick Background Check

Tukmaria seeds are actually the seeds of the sweet basil plant. This is the reason why they’re also referred to as sweet basil seeds. In India to which sweet basil and other basil plants are native, tukmaria seeds are also known as sabja seeds.

What’s so nice about tukmaria seeds is they’re ready for consumption after soaking them in water in just 30 minutes. They can be added to practically anything — smoothies, juices, oatmeal, yogurt, etc. — so that you may enjoy the assortment of health benefits they bring.

Tukmaria Seeds vs. Chia Seeds

Chia seeds are superfoods tukmaria seeds are commonly compared to or even mistaken for. For those who are seeing these seeds for the first time, it’s very likely for them to look one and the same. This is especially true after they are in their gelatinous forms. It is upon digging deeper, however, that telling apart one from the other becomes really easy.

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It’s true that the nutritional profiles of both tukmaria seeds and chia seeds are seemingly the same, both of which are really impressive. But just like in their appearances, there are also a handful of differences in their nutritional content.

The color of tukmaria seeds is entirely black. On the other hand, chia seeds come in various colors ranging from black, brown, gray and white. When soaked in water, tukmaria seeds swell up or become gelatinous in form much faster than chia seeds. In addition, tukmaria seeds tend to be larger than chia seeds after soaking them in water.

Here’s another huge difference between the two: tukmaria seeds have to be soaked in water for about 30 minutes to be fit for consumption. On the other hand, chia seeds may be consumed by sprinkling them on food even without soaking.

When it comes to the nutritional profile, turkmaria seeds pack more carbohydrates than chia seeds. However, chia seeds do contain more fat and protein than tukmaria seeds.

Various Health Benefits of Tukmaria Seeds

Because of their impressive nutritional content, tukmaria seeds are grabbing the attention of so many health-conscious people. The following are some of the things that make tukmaria seeds worthy of being referred to as superfoods:

  • They help deal with a lot of problems concerning the gastrointestinal (GI) tract. Tukmaria seeds have been used for centuries by traditional healers for indigestion, flatulence and abdominal cramping. Thanks to the loads of fiber tukmaria seeds contain, they also help in warding off constipation.
  • Tukmaria seeds are effective against certain unfavorable respiratory conditions. These highly nutritious seeds are known to be very good at relieving whopping cough and its various symptoms. Many swear by the efficacy of these superfoods in dealing with the common cold and flu.
  • Consuming them is also said to be good for the brain. Tukmaria seeds can be beneficial for individuals who are always stressed, anxious and fatigued mentally as they help in calming both the brain and nerves. They are also recommended for those who are suffering from migraine as well as depression.
  • Adding tukmaria seeds to the diet is perfect for people with arthritis. Thanks to their powerful anti-inflammatory properties, tukmaria seeds can help provide relief from painful and swollen joints. Taking the seeds is also said to help minimize the formation of plaque in the arterial walls, thus reducing heart disease risk.
  • They help promote weight loss. Tukmaria seeds may be consumed to assist in the elimination of unwanted body pounds. Once in the stomach, they swell further to make you feel full right away and for a much longer period of time. With decreased food consumption, losing weight can be easier.
  • Tukmaria seeds help lower body temperature. Especially when those hot summer months strike, adding these superfoods to your favorite juice, smoothie or any other cold beverage can help beat the heat better.
  • Adding them to the diet helps promote beautiful skin and hair. Because they are loaded with nutrients such as protein, iron and vitamin K, the consumption of tukmaria seeds helps make both your skin and hair healthy. Packed with fiber, they help flush out toxins within, thus giving you a radiantly beautiful complexion.
  • And so much more. Chewing on tukmaria seeds is good for oral sores. Their consumption helps regulate menstrual cycles as well as treat anemia. They also have diuretic properties to help cleanse the kidneys. Those with type 2 diabetes may also consume tukmaria seeds for blood glucose regulation.
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