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Health Benefits of Lemon Plums

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Have you ever come across lemon plums? This fruit is a native in Chile, and may look somewhat similar to lemons, hence the name. Just like other citrus fruits, lemon plums contain various nutrients such as vitamin A, vitamin C, and even dietary fiber just to name a few. However, this is not where the benefits end, because surprisingly, lemon plums are packed with dozens of health benefits such as:

Improve immunity

Lemon plums, like it was mentioned before, are high in vitamin C which come with antioxidants. We are all familiar with vitamin C referred to as ascorbic acid. That being said, this nutrient can be useful in fighting scurvy, cold, cancer, and even lead toxicity just to name a few.

Combats acne

What with lemon plums being packed with antioxidants, acne problems won’t bug you at all. This is because the antioxidants present in this fruit come with regenerative properties that can help deal with acne, spots, and even blemishes which means that you’ll have beautiful skin at all times.

Promotes digestive health

Another benefit that is linked to lemon plums is that it can help with your digestive health because of the fiber that they contain. Fiber is essential in our digestive health as it clears away toxins and other bacteria so you’ll be able to eliminate them properly from your stomach. This way, you won’t be at risk from digestive issues such as ulcers, gastrointestinal issues, and the like.

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Weight loss

What else can you get out of eating lemon plums? Well, it can also help you with your weight loss needs too because consuming this fruit is packed with nutrients but not on calories. This means that you can eat this fruit without feeling guilty at all.

Improves eye health

If you want to maintain good eyesight, eating lemon plums may prove to be beneficial to your eyes. This is due to the fact that this fruit is rich in vitamin A which has been found to support eye health. Consuming this fruit not only will clear your vision but can even treat night blindness too.

Banishes dandruff

Hair and scalp problems, such as the presence of dandruff, won’t be much of a bother if you eat this fruit on a regular basis. The nutrients that are present have been found to relieve itchy and dry scalp while promoting hair growth too. Hair loss won’t trouble you too, thanks to the nutrients that you’ll be absorbing from this fruit.

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Improves skin condition

It appears that eating lemon plums is also good for your skin. The vitamin A present in this fruit has been found to be effective in regenerating damaged skin cells, thus you’ll be able to maintain that youthful glow even as you age. The nutrients in lemon plums can slow down aging, such as the presence of wrinkles and lines on your skin. Incorporating this fruit in your diet can yield surprising results in terms of skin health.

Prevent and manage diabetes

In order to protect yourself from diabetes, you will have to maintain a certain level in your blood glucose. That being said, eating lemon plums will not only satisfy your sudden cravings, but it will not cause your glucose levels to spike. On the other hand, if you are already diagnosed with diabetes, you will be able to regulate your blood glucose with this fruit thanks to the nutrients that it contains.

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