Seven Superb Substitutes for Smoking

Bored, sleepy, stressed and tired — these are some of the reasons why most people light up a cigarette stick, a habit that is undeniably bad for the health. Did you know that each time you take a drag, you are basically pumping thousands of toxins down your airway and ultimately to the rest of your system? Many of these chemicals can cause health problems — heart disease, cancer, emphysema and so many others. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention or CDC, cigarette smoking harms almost all organs in your body. The US agency adds that the habit causes over 480,000 deaths in the US every year — that’s nearly 1 in every 5 deaths!

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So the next time you get this urge to reach for and light up a cigarette stick, think about the facts stated above. Replacing the habit with something else can help you quit successfully. Continue reading to know some of the things that you may instead carry out so that you may be able to eventually turn your back on cigarette smoking for good.

1. Exercise

It’s not unlikely for you to feel jumpy or jittery while trying to quit smoking. An excellent way to manage such symptom is by exercising. Because working out helps improve blood circulation, the elimination of toxins that have accumulated within you can be accelerated. Exercising is also a wonderful way to deal with some of the reasons why you smoke, such as being sleepy or feeling stressed.

2. Drink Plenty of Water

You journey towards quitting successfully can be shorter by speeding up the removal of all those poisonous chemicals in your tissues and vital organs. One way to promote their immediate flushing out is by drinking lots of water — 8 to 12 glasses of it on a daily basis.

3. Consume Vitamin C

Vitamin C is a nutrient that smoking depletes, say the experts. Vitamin C is important for healthy skin and strong immune system — it’s no wonder why smokers have terrible complexion and always suffer from illnesses and infections. Other than supplementing with vitamin C, there are many food sources of the said nutrient. Some of them are citrus fruits, dark green leafy veggies, broccoli, kiwis, papayas and tomatoes.

4. Enjoy Fruits and Vegetables

Smoking tends to deaden your taste buds. That is why experimenting with all sorts of healthy foods can be very beneficial. Munching on fruits and vegetables is certainly better than smoking, as you will soon realize the moment that your taste buds have bounced back from your terrible habit. Fruits and vegetables come in a dizzying array of flavors and textures, and they are also good for you.

5. Meditate

Regardless if your reason for smoking is depression or stress, meditating can work wonders. Taking slow, deep breaths can help divert your attention from reaching for a cigarette stick as well as the motive why you want to have a smoke.

6. Have a New Leisure Pursuit

It is while you are attempting to quit cigarette smoking when it’s a good time to embrace a new hobby. Have you always wanted to take street photos, collect stamps or go mountain climbing? Go ahead and chase these leisure pursuits. Not only will any of them keep you preoccupied, which is certainly a better stress-buster than smoking, but they will also let you discover some really fun and interesting activities that can make your life more rewarding.

7. Reach for a Smoking Substitute

Nicotine is a substance that makes cigarette smoking hard to forget. Luckily, there are plenty of smoking substitutes on the current market that allow you to get your dose of the said substance without bombarding your system with several other toxins. Some of them include nicotine gums, patches and inhalers.

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