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Health Benefits to Enjoy for Playing Volleyball

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Are you on the hunt for a new form of exercise that’s fun, exciting and effective at getting rid of those unwanted pounds? Consider playing volleyball!

Developed way back in the late 1800s, volleyball is one of the most popular and well-loved sports on the planet. It’s also something that’s good for your body as it tones your muscles, promotes stronger bones, improves both your cardiovascular and respiratory systems, and burns a lot of calories!

The fact that you cannot do it alone and has to be carried out with a bunch of people means that you will be motivated to stick to performing it on a regular basis. You certainly don’t want your team members waiting!

Continue reading to know some of the noteworthy health benefits of welcoming volleyball with open arms into your life!

Volleyball Lets You Burn Tons of Calories

If you wish to lose pounds or maintain your current weight, it’s a wonderful idea to play volleyball on a regular basis. Experts say that you can burn nearly 500 calories by engaging in this well-known sport for about an hour. All the running and hitting you have to carry out during a game lets you burn those unwanted calories effectively.

The Sport Helps Speed Up Your Metabolic Rate

Long after you have stopped playing volleyball, your body will still zap excess calories like crazy. That’s because the sport accelerates your metabolic rate like no other. Another perk of having a speedy metabolism is feeling energized. Once you’re done with all the fun, you will have plenty of energy to help you perform your other tasks and responsibilities.

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Playing It Tones Your Muscles

Having toned muscles is important if you want to be fit and strong. All the arm movements involved workout not only your arm muscles, but also those of your chest, upper back, shoulders and even stomach. Muscles in your lower extremities are toned as well because you have to perform a lot of jumping and running during a game of volleyball.

It Enhances Your Hand-Eye Coordination

There are so many everyday tasks that require your hands and eyes to work together. That is why you should always keep your hand-eye coordination sharp. A fun way to do so is by engaging in volleyball on a regular basis. Following the ball with your eyes and striking it with your hands at the perfect spot can improve your hand-eye coordination like no other.

Volleyball Improves Your Flexibility and Balance

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Physical injuries can keep you from being a productive individual. One great way of keeping accidental falls, slips and others that can leave you injured is by improving your flexibility and balance. Guess what? All the physical demands of volleyball allow you to enhance both of them.

Engaging in It Promotes a Healthy Heart

Other than being a popular sport, volleyball is also an excellent form of cardiovascular exercise. Playing it on a regular basis helps strengthen the heart as well as keep high blood pressure in check. Due to these beneficial effects of volleyball, you can significantly reduce your risk of having heart disease, heart attack and stroke.

The Sport Helps in Warding Off Osteoporosis

In order to strengthen your bones, you have to eat foods that are rich in calcium and phosphorous. You also have to perform exercises that challenge the bones to keep them strong, and all the impact they get as you play volleyball is actually good for you. By strengthening your bones today, you can keep osteoporosis at bay tomorrow.

Volleyball Can Save You From Depression

Are you feeling blue a lot lately? It’s high time that you immerse yourself in the exciting and engaging world of playing volleyball. It’s no secret that a phenomenal form exercise like volleyball helps uplift the mood. What’s more, the time you spend with your teammates can help bring laughter into your life.

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