Healthy and Easy to Prepare Snacks

A boring afternoon is countered with exciting food, with awesome-tasting snacks. What we don’t know is that most of the time, we have poor choices on snacks.

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Bore boredom with these nutritious treats.

1. Vegetable Juice

What can be more nutritious than an excellent vegan juice! Disease-fighting antioxidants as well as other important nutrients are packed in this drink. Beta-carotene, potassium, iron, and vitamin C are among its nutritious benefits.

You can use different veggies like celery, carrot, and beetroot. You may also use mint, grapefruit, apple or lemon.

2. Rice Cakes

A satisfying snack like brown rice with toppings of avocado, tomato, sprouts, and slices of cheese is packed with protein that will keep you from hunger pangs for a longer period of time. It also helps in the reduction of the risk of osteoporosis due to its calcium content. Tomatoes contain lycopene while avocados boast of its beta-carotene and Vitamin E content. Living enzymes in sprouts aid in better digestion.

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3. Trail Mix

Trail mix is the bomb of goodness. It is packed with nuts, almonds, brazil nuts, walnuts, cashew nuts, along with pumpkin seeds and sunflower seeds. It can also be mixed with slices of figs, dried apricots, and loads of goji berries. To add some extra goodness, you may add some carob buds and of course, dark chocolates.

4. Vegetable Sticks

Drop those chips and stick with veggie sticks. High levels of Vitamin C make Humus a nutrition giant. It provides protein for body repair, fiber to maintain balanced cholesterol levels, zinc for healing wounds, and of course, energy.

5. Fruit Salad

Perhaps, no one would complain about this one. Your favorite fruits make a salad. Mix it with yogurt (without the added sugars), seeds, and crushed nuts. The consistent consumption of yogurt boosts your immune system and digestive health.

6. Apple Wedges

Being a great source of Fiber and Vitamin C, apple wedges are real healthy treat. The antioxidant Vitamin E makes sure the heart stays healthy. Cashew, Brazil, and Almond nuts are rich sources of Vitamin E. The nervous system stays healthy, too; thanks to magnesium. Calcium is also contained in apple wedges.

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