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How to Choose Good Whey Protein

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In the world of bodybuilding, protein stands as the most necessary macronutrient for the growth and development of the body. Protein serves as a fuel to cellular growth and repair during strenuous activities like cardiovascular exercises and weight lifting while carbohydrates and fats are sources of the body’s energy in performing routines and exercises.

Whey, among others, is one of the supplements people who want to build muscle include into their diet. Whey protein is a combination of globular proteins isolated from whey, which is the liquid product from the production of cheese. In fact, it is one of the excellent sources of branched-chain amino acid (BCAAs) like valine, isoleucine, and leucine, which are crucial for muscle growth and energy boost during workouts. But how do people choose the right whey protein supplement for them?

Protein advantages are the things to look for when choosing a whey protein powder as supplement, according to Bodybuilding. As per the publication, there are various benefits if a person consumes two to three protein shakes as alternative to whole food protein sources throughout the day. Whey protein shakes are more convenient, better absorbed and digested by the body, provides more constant supply of amino acids at all time, and have faster absorption rate for protein requirements after workout at the gym.

It is also important to be familiar with protein powder and the so-called “mass gainer.” at times, some people are confused with regard the difference between the two powder supplements. Whey protein is designed to define the muscle growth and reduce the catabolic action of the cardiovascular and weight lifting exercise. It also aims to deliver the substantial protein requirement of the body after workout, to act on the damaged muscle cells from the exercise. As a result, muscle gains will be evident when a person uses protein powder. Meanwhile, mass gainers are used by some people to gain bulk in their physique. Instead of protein sources, mass gainers contain high amounts of calories, which the body needs in order to provide sugar and energy to the cells. It also functions as a weight gainer to some people, such as those who have ectomorph body type, who find it hard to gain body weight and mass.

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According to Muscle and Fitness, a person should take into account that what he is buying is a source of protein and not carbohydrates and fat, since whey powders are designed to provide protein. Thus, it is important to check at the label of the whey product and compare it with other same products, so as to check which one has the best protein content.

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For advanced athletes and bodybuilders, whey protein powders can be classified as concentrate, isolate, or casein. As per Bodybuilding, they have one aim, which is to promote muscle growth; however, they differ in the rate as to how they are absorbed by the body. As per the publication, the whey concentrate is a good source of protein powder that is absorbed by the body at a moderate pace and it is usually included in between meals. Then, the whey protein isolate is a fast-acting version of the supplement that it is highly suggested to take it immediately following a work-out in order to deliver protein and amino acids to the “starving” and damaged muscle cells. Meanwhile, casein whey is the slower-acting variant of the whey protein supplement, as it has a long digestion period than that of the whey concentrate and the whey isolate. Thus, bodybuilders and athletes consume casein as their last mean prior to going to bed, since it delivers a constant supply of amino acids during sleep.

Bottomline, whey protein powder are agents that give lean muscle mass to a person; however, it is still a supplement, which means that people should still eat real food as nutrient sources, along with regular exercise and right attitude.

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