Why Include Chayote in Your Diet

Although technically a fruit, chayote is often prepared just like a true-blooded vegetable. Related to the likes of squash, pumpkin and cucumber, it’s something that may be eaten either raw or cooked. Chayote also goes by many other names. In the US, it is called mirliton. Elsewhere on the planet, it is referred to as chow-chow, sayote and vegetable pear.

Having chayote included in your daily diet is undeniably a fantastic idea. Loaded with fiber, vitamins and minerals, it can make your stews, soups and vegetable salads even more nutritious. Because it is extremely low in calories and fat, chayote is perfect for those who want to shed off excess pounds or keep obesity at bay.

The following are some of the best reasons why serving more chayote on the table should be done:

Chayote Strengthens Your Immune System

A cup of chopped up chayote packs 17% of your daily vitamin C requirement. The said nutrient is important for a strong immune system. Including chayote in your diet may help save you from frequently ending up with infections and allergies.

It Helps You Stay Young-Looking

Vitamin C, a nutrient found abundantly in chayote, is good for your skin. It promotes proper wound healing and younger-looking skin because it is essential for the production of collagen. Vitamin C also works as a powerful antioxidant that neutralizes free radicals before they damage your healthy skin cells.

Eating It May Lower Your Risk of Having Cancer

Thanks to the antioxidant properties of vitamin C, the consumption of foods that are rich in it such as chayote may help lower your chances of battling deadly cancer in the future. Eating chayote is particularly good at preventing colorectal cancer due to the fact that it contains plenty of fiber.

Chayote Helps Prevent Neural Tube Defects in Babies

Neural tube defects are problems in newborns that affect the brain and spinal cord, which occur during the first month of pregnancy. Experts say that a good way to ward off neural tube defects is by eating foods that are rich in folate, a type of B-vitamin that that chayote has plenty of. In fact, a medium-sized chayote provides as much as 31% of the daily folate needs of a pregnant woman in order to ward off neural tube defects.

It Makes Your Bones Strong

Another nutrient that is found in chayote in good amounts is vitamin K, which is necessary for strong bones. Especially when you also include calcium-rich foods in your diet, suffering from osteoporosis should be the least of your concerns. Vitamin K in chayote is also necessary for proper clotting of the blood, thus preventing excessive bleeding.

Consuming It Helps Prevent Constipation

Regular bowel movement is important for the elimination of toxins and waste products. A diet that’s lacking in fiber, insufficient amount of fluid intake and leading a sedentary lifestyle may keep your from having regular bowel movement. A simple way to prevent constipation from striking is by including fiber-rich chayote in your diet.

It Promotes Healthy Weight Loss

Because chayote contains lots of fiber and water, snacking on it or adding it to your favorite stews, raw vegetable salads or stir-fried veggies may help you slim down. It is also very low in calories and most especially fat.

Chayote Also Lets You Have a Healthy Thyroid Gland

Having a problem with your thyroid is definitely a no-no if you want to lose weight or keep your current slim figure intact because it can make your metabolism slow down. To keep your thyroid gland in tip-top shape, eat copper-rich foods such as chayote because copper promotes the proper absorption of iodine, a nutrient important for the thyroid gland.

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