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Korean Home Remedies for a Slow Metabolism

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Are you wondering why it seems like every Korean female is slim? Well, you can stop wondering and instead learn some of the secrets of Korean women for fending off excess pounds. Below you will come across some nifty tips and tricks from them in keeping their metabolism running fast.

If you have family members and friends who are blaming their sluggish metabolism for their large waistline, make sure that you share this article online to get them acquainted with these metabolism-boosting strategies that female Koreans swear by — just look at their svelte figures!

They Wake Up Early to Exercise

A lot of Korean women are morning persons, in particular those whose vital statistics are simply to die for. That’s because they know very well that exercising first thing in the morning is something that can jumpstart their metabolism.

What’s so nice about jogging, bicycling, swimming or playing badminton early in the morning is the fact that it can cause your metabolic rate to keep running at an accelerated pace throughout the day. So in other words, jumping out of bed early to exercise can cause your body to become a calorie-burning machine all day long!

They Walk All the Time

When you go to Korea, you will see a lot of women walking instead of using cars. No, they are not trying to save money by eliminating gassing up their cars. Rather, they are trying to save their figure from having unflattering bulges.

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According to many fitness experts, walking is the best form of exercise there is. It is low-impact so it’s very friendly to the joints, and it’s an aerobic form of exercise so it burns excess calories. That is why you should try to walk all the time just like Korean women do — it’s one of their secrets to staying slim!

They Pump Iron

Believe it or not, a lot of Korean females are lifting weights. It’s not just that obvious because they do it inside their homes or at the gym, plus they do not have muscles like those of a man’s.

Well, ending up with humungous muscles as a result of lifting weights is just a myth — scientists say that the bodies of women are simply not capable of building a lot of muscles. Female bodybuilders take steroids and tons of supplements to look like what they look right now.

Having lean muscles can make it so much easier for you to remain slim just like a lot of female Koreans because muscles tend to burn calories all the time whether you are wide awake or sleeping, experts confirm.

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They Eat Small Frequent Meals

Do you steer clear of food because you want to stay slim? Don’t, say Korean women. Actually, Korean women eat more often just to keep their metabolism running quickly, and it definitely works as you can see!

Actually, having small frequent meals is a metabolism-boosting trick that is not exclusive to female Koreans. So many people across the globe who are slim are actually subscribing to it. By eating 5 to 6 small meals throughout the day, your body is constantly supplied with the energy it needs to keep its metabolic rate running at a fast pace.

They Love Drinking Green Tea

If you take a look at the list of ingredients of most metabolism-enhancing supplements, you will surely spot something that’s very familiar: green tea extract. Korean women have long known about the weight-reducing properties of green tea, and that’s why they are very fond of consuming this healthy beverage.

There are a couple of reasons why green tea can help speed up your metabolism. First, there’s caffeine that stimulates your nervous system. Second, green tea contains what’s known as epigallocatechin gallate or EGCG, a compound that facilitates the burning of fat cells.

By the way, green tea has tons of antioxidants, too, that help keep the skin young-looking.

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