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8 Sleeping Habits That You Need To Stop Doing

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There are sleeping habits that you have been doing that can do more harm than good.  Are you guilty of doing these?

Here are 8 sleeping habits that you should break from doing.

  1. Sleeping with makeup on

Most women are guilty of doing this bad habit especially if they are too tired, too stressed or too lazy it after work. Sleeping with makeup on can harm your skin as it exposes you to free radicals that cause in breaking the collagen and producing fine lines on your skin. Likewise, forgetting to remove your makeup can clog your pores while you sleep that develops acne.

The fix: As soon as you arrive home from work, remove your makeup using your dependable makeup removers to prevent sleeping with makeup on.


  1. Sleeping with lights on

Some people cannot sleep without lights. However, findings from a recent medical study show that exposure to even a small amount of light while you sleep not only affects your quality of sleep; it also adds extra pounds.  Cortisol, the stress hormone, functions abnormally when you sleep with lights on.

The fix: Turn the lights off when you sleep. Use dark drapes for your windows and place gadgets away from you to avoid distractions. If you cannot really sleep without lights, ask someone (a family member or a companion at home) to turn off the lights for you when you are already snoozing.

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  1. Eating right before bedtime

Eating late night meals or snacks affects your sleep as well as your digestive process.

The fix: Take your last meal no later than three hours before your sleeping time.


  1. Engaging in late night exercise

Regular exercise is essential part of weight management. However, high impact exercise like cardio pumps up your energy level, raises your body temperature, and prevents the release of hormones, making it harder for you to fall asleep.

The fix: Instead of having late night cardio exercise, opt for light stretching like yoga.


  1. Wearing tight fit clothing when sleeping

Did you know that sleeping naked can make your sleep better?  Studies reveal that sleeping without clothes can contribute to quality of your sleep. It makes you relax during sleep as well as it promotes weight loss.  Wearing tight or form-fitting clothing, including undergarments and bras increase body temperature. It also affects the secretion of melatonin, a hormone that is responsible for sleep.

The fix: Sleep naked and under light blanket. If you cannot bear sleeping without any garments, use loose and breathable sleepwear.

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  1. Sleeping late on weekdays then oversleep on weekends

Many people are guilty of doing this habit.  Sleep experts advise that in order to get good quality of sleep, you should go to bed and get up at the same time every single day.  Why is this vital? The body is extra sensitive to conditioning. When you sleep and wake up at drastically different hours, you disturb your circadian rhythm that affects your brain activity, hormone production and cell regeneration.

The fix: Condition your body to sleep and wake up at a certain time.


  1. Sleeping with pet

If you find it comforting to cuddle and sleep with your furry pet, think again. Sleeping beside your beloved pet makes you at risk of getting infectious diseases such as plagues, internal parasites, and other serious diseases.  Even a simple cat scratch can produce bacterial infection that may affect other parts of your internal organs.

The fix: For your health and safety, provide a sleeping area for your lovable pet.


  1. Sleeping in bad position

Bad sleeping position can affect your sleep. When you sleep with knees pulled up high and chin placed into your chest, you may acquire back or joint pains later on. Side sleeping or sleeping with pillows over your face can cause premature facial wrinkles.

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The fix: Sleep with your back on bed to better support your neck and spine, preventing you from back pains.


  1. Sleeping with hair tied up firmly

Sleeping with tightly pulled hair causes friction and damage to hair.  If you slept with hair tied tightly for too long, it may cause tension alopecia or hair loss.

The fix: Sleep with your hair down or you can still sleep with ponytail but make sure that it is loosely tied.

Nixing these bad sleeping habits is not only beneficial in getting good quality sleep but it also contributes to your overall health in general.

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