12 Foods That Restaurant Employees Confess You Should Never Order

Of course, the employees wouldn’t tell their customers the dark, hidden secrets of some of the foods listed on the menu of the restaurant they walk for. They are there to do their job and get a salary to progress their life, not babysit and teach you what foods are unclean, disgusting, and unlikeable. These claims have not been verified but members of an online community who claim to be employees for restaurants are confessing the unholy.

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1. The baked goods and doughnuts sold by Dunkin’ doughnuts are delivered to its branches frozen. Truly heartbreaking.

2. Molds are present inside the machines of gas station slurpees, which will surely ruin everyone’s childhood.

3. When you dine at Einstein’s bagel place, avoid anything with eggs. After the eggs are heated through the microwave, they are stored in a container and remain there for hours.

4. KFC’s BBQ sandwich isn’t actually barbecue. It’s stale and old chicken, soaked in BBQ sauce, pulled, and kept on the heater for one month.

5. During peak hours at Taco John’s, avoid the beans. For a long time, the beans sit on the hot table and add water when dried out.

6. When ordering chicken nuggets at McDonald’s, make sure to ask for fresh ones. Otherwise, you’d get nuggets that have been in the heating container, repeatedly heated until all nuggets are sold.

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7. Popcorns sold during the first showing at theaters are last night’s popcorn. They are stored in garbage bags to be reheated the next morning.

8. Starbuck’s secret menu does not exist. The drinks you are served depends on whatever the barista comes up with.

9. Wendy’s use meat from the grill top to be used on their chili. This meat is expired and dried up, and is put inside a warming drawer. When there are enough batches for a chili, they are frozen, and then thawed the following day. If nobody orders the chili in the warmer, employees just add hot water and mix it up.

10. Perhaps this is the worst: Taco Bell’s beans and steak. The beans are like cat food: You add water and stir in anticipation of the white becoming gone. As for the steak, if it were to sit too long, it starts to look like hair gel.

11. Hotdogs at baseball games are not fresh.

12. The inside of the machine that serves McCafé is a horrifically dirty machine.

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