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Natural Oils to Use for Your Hair

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If you regard your mane as your crowning glory, read on. Below are some all-natural oils that can give you soft and shiny tresses. Using them spares you from the need to shell out cash on costly hair care products, many of which contain strong chemicals that may only damage your mane in the long run.

Olive Oil

Antioxidants present and its moisturizing properties make the use of olive oil a great way to prevent dandruff. Olive oil also promotes hair growth as well as nourishes each and every strand, making your hair soft, shiny and bouncy.

Coconut Oil

Numerous hair care and styling products contain coconut oil. This doesn’t come as a surprise as it is a highly effective hair moisturizer and thickener. Massaging coconut oil on the scalp is a great way to hydrate the strands from roots to tips.

Avocado Oil

It’s no secret that avocado’s fatty acids are beneficial for the heart. These vital nutrients are also very good at moisturizing your tresses. Amino acids and vitamins A, C and D present makes avocado a complete all-natural hair care solution.

Rosemary Oil

The application of rosemary oil is recommendable if you want optimum scalp health. This aromatic oil cleans the scalp and moisturizes it to prevent dandruff. Rosemary oil also nourishes the follicles, encouraging the growth of healthy hair.

Jojoba Oil

Keeping your hair and scalp moisturized is an effective way to ward off split ends. Massaging jojoba oil on your hair as well as scalp allows for deep moisturizing, saving your crowning glory from nasty dryness and split ends.

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Argan Oil

This aromatic oil is loaded with the antioxidant vitamin E, something that can protect the hair from damage. The richness of argan oil makes it an excellent moisturizer, saving those strands from dryness, breakage and split ends.

Macadamia Oil

Extracted from a nut having the same name, macadamia oil is loaded with nutrients. Applying this all-natural hair elixir helps moisturize dry and damaged hair. Macadamia oil also nourishes the scalp, thereby stimulating hair growth.

These oils are not only good for making tasty dishes, sauces and dressings, but they also make for superb hair care solutions. No matter if you have straight, wavy or curly hair, the application of the oil of your preference lets you attain nourished and appealing mane. It’s a good idea, however, to limit your application if you have naturally oily scalp and hair.

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