Nutrition Bars: Healthy or Hype?


Reaching for a piece of nutrition bar or two is evidently a practical move especially if you are leading a very busy everyday life. That’s exactly the reason why nutritional bars are so popular in this day and age when more and more people have very little or no free time to sit at the table to have a square meal. What used to be highly suited for athletes only are now regarded as trendy, appealing to practically everyone — from students, office workers to health-conscious individuals.

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It’s important to know that not all nutrition bars are cut from the same cloth. A quick scan of the label will easily reveal to whom the product is made specifically. Some of these unwrap-and-munch consumables are made for bodybuilders while others are intended for weight-watchers. There are also those that serve as replacements for typical breakfast meals.

Part of their appeal stems from the fact that they are being marketed in a way that suits particular lifestyles and dietary needs. For instance, you can find a nutrition bar being promoted as something that is perfect for today’s superwomen who are juggling their office and home responsibilities. The brand names also help make each one appeal to the target consumer. The way they’re called range anywhere from something that is intended for the occasional gym rat or hipster to something that sounds like it was manufactured inside a covert laboratory situated outside of the Earth’s atmosphere.

Many of these nutritional bars can actually deliver while others are no different than your average candy bar because of the loads of sugar and flavoring in every serving. If you’re not careful, you will only be bombarding your system with tons of calories and fats while being mislead that you are doing your health a huge favor with each bite that you take.

Some of those that really work tend to come with impressive nutritional profiles. For instance, experts have found that one nutrition bar catering to the needs of professional athletes is able to meet expectations because of its composition — 40% carbohydrates, 30% protein and 30% fat. Again, checking out the label will give you a hint if the product is the right one.

Should an average consumer like you grab nutrition bars? It depends on certain factors. If you are on a rush and you have no time to sit at your home’s dining table or hit the nearest restaurant, stashing a nutrition bar in your jean or bag pocket is apparently a good idea. But if you intend to enjoy stuff like added brain power or instant muscle mass, think twice before you start unwrapping the product. Many of these nutrition bars may be giving you nothing more than mere calories and fat.

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