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10 Foods That Make You Smarter

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Getting a good night’s rest and avoiding stress in known to improve brain performance, but did you know eating certain foods can also boost brain function? Making the right choices when it comes to your dietary needs can boost not only your physical performance but also your brain. Eating the right foods can increase concentration, boost memory and make you smarter.

Here are 10 foods to help boost brain powers:

Egg yolk

Most people avoid eating the yolk in eggs, but did you know that most of the memory boosting properties is in there. The yolk contains high amounts of choline that is incredibly important for brain function.

Consumption: 2 medium size eggs, three times a week.


Technically water is a liquid, but it is vital in brain health. Our brain mostly consists of water. Memory loss, lack of concentration and brain degeneration can all be caused by dehydration. By simply drinking enough water a day, you are helping your brain to function properly.

Consumption: a glass of water first thing in the morning and keep sipping small amounts throughout the day.

Complex carbohydrates        

Complex carbohydrates like bread, oats, fruits and vegetables release glucose slowly to the brain.  Glucose is the only sugar it can absorb and is essential in fueling the brain. Keeping the brains fuelled is important for memory, learning, reasoning and concentration.


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Antioxidants are known to remove free radicals in the body. These free radicals damage cells and cell growth. Antioxidants can also prevent free radicals from damaging brain cells. You can get antioxidants from brightly colored fruits, vegetables and supplements. Antioxidants are also known to slow down aging and skin damage.

Other Foods that are rich in Antioxidants: Blueberries, carrot, avocado, plum, broccoli and red kidney beans.


Coffee is great for boosting brain activity. It is known to improve reaction time and memory. Consuming coffee is also known to lower the risk of getting Alzheimer’s disease. This disease affects the brain’s ability to store thoughts, language and memory.  Drink your cup of coffee every morning without putting in too much sugar.


Cacao is sugar free and dairy free. It is the unprocessed start of our favorite chocolate, but cacao alone is packed with health benefits. It is high in antioxidants and epicatechin. These two can help boost brain function immensely. It is known to increase memory retention and learning. It keeps the brain sharp and focused. Drink hot cacao in the evening for a sugar free treat or add the cacao powder to your favorite oatmeal or smoothie.

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Have you ever noticed how a walnut looks like a miniature brain? Well, not only those it looks like a brain it is also good for the brain. This yummy nut is packed with brain boosting nutrients. It is rich in fatty acid needed for reasoning and cognition. Pack  some walnuts for a long hike or add it to your oatmeal.


Sage oil is known to enhance memory and improve brain functions. Sage can be easily integrated into your diet. It can be used in garnishing, cooking and in tea.

Oily fish

Fish that contain high levels of docosahexaenoic acid and eicosapentaenoic acid are essential to brain health. These fatty acids prevent inflammation and stops clotting of the blood. When a blood clot occurs in the body, it is prone to stroke or cardiac arrest. DHA or docosahexaenoic acid is an important nutrient for mental and learning development.

Some fish that contain high amounts of fatty acids are mackerel, trout, sardine, tuna and salmon.


Kelp is also known as seaweed, is incredibly healthy! It contains minerals like calcium, iodine and magnesium that is essential for brain and body development. This iodine rich vegetable is important to avoid severe iodine deficiency. Children who suffer with this deficiency often have stunted growth, mental impairments and learning problems.

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