Reasons to Have a Bottle of Aceite de Manzanilla in Your Medicine Cabinet

Aceite de manzanilla is Spanish for “oil of chamomile”. No, it’s not the same as chamomile essential oil — aceite de manzanilla is also derived from chamomile, but mixed with mineral oil and camphor. This is the reason why aceite de manzanilla is way cheaper than chamomile essential oil, but it still offers numerous health benefits.

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Green in color, aceite de manzanilla is applied topically. It has a pleasing smell and is gentle on the skin, and that’s why it is generally safe for use on babies and children. The product is commonly applied on the tummies of young ones to relieve excess gas and abdominal pain and distention that usually come with it.

Adults, too, can benefit from the therapeutic properties of aceite de manzanilla. It can be used as a massage oil to help ease painful and swollen muscles as well as joints. In fact, it’s traditionally used for arthritis and rheumatism. Just like chamomile essential oil, aceite de manzanilla is excellent for headaches, stress, anxiety and insomnia.

Just like what’s earlier mentioned, a bottle of aceite de manzanilla does come with a really pocket-friendly price tag. But in spite of this, the product is very effective in dealing with a wide variety of aches and pains. Here are some of the top reasons why no home medicine cabinet is complete without a bottle of aceite de manzanilla in it:

It Relieves Various Digestive Problems

Parents can count on aceite de manzanilla each time their babies are bugged by flatulence, abdominal pain and abdominal distention. Rubbing a little aceite de manzanilla on their bellies allows babies and children alike to attain much-needed relief from digestive distress.

Young ones are not the only ones that can benefit from aceite de manzanilla, but adults as well. You may gently massage the product on your tummy if you’re suffering from excess gas and abdominal cramping.

It Eases Skin Inflammation

Aceite de manzanilla — just like chamomile essential oil which has the ability to ease inflammation — is used traditionally for easing skin conditions that are inflammatory in nature. For instance, the product may be used for psoriasis and eczema. If you are on the hunt for a cheap yet highly effective treatment for acne, give aceite de manzanilla a try.

By the way, aceite de manzanilla is also very good against skin dryness and cracking. This is the reason why you may apply it on a regular basis on thickened and cracked soles of the feet.

It Promotes Comfortable Breathing

Individuals having an asthma attack may have aceite de manzanilla rubbed on their chests to promote breathing. Camphor present in aceite de manzanilla helps open up the upper airways. What’s more, chamomile oil in the product also helps relieve inflammation of the airway, thereby facilitating breathing.

Just about anything that causes uncomfortable breathing and chest pain that is non-cardiac in nature may be relieved with aceite de manzanilla. They include bronchitis, cough and the common cold.

It Helps Relieve Anxiety and Stress

The smell of aceite de manzanilla is enough to appease an anxiety attack. Chamomile has the ability to relax not only the mind but also the body. This is why aceite de manzanilla is excellent in easing the mental and physical symptoms of anxiety, allowing you to attain relaxation.

We all know that getting a massage is a wonderful way to combat stress. To help augment the stress-busting properties of a massage, it’s a great idea to use aceite de manzanilla as a massage oil.

It Alleviates Joint and Muscle Pain and Swelling

Last but not least, aceite de manzanilla may be applied on joints that are stiff, painful and swollen. Similarly, the product may also be utilized to relieve muscle tightness and inflammation.

What’s so nice about aceite de manzanilla is it can provide relief from pain and swelling without causing unfavorable side effects. So instead of taking non-steroidal drugs when you’re experiencing body pain, consider massaging aceite de manzanilla on the affected parts.

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