Tips on How to Stay Slim and Young the Japanese Way

Staying slim might require a huge effort for us to achieve but if you’ve been looking at other countries, like in Japan, you’ve most likely noticed that you’ll rarely find someone who is overweight. As a matter of fact, Japan is actually a healthy country where their life expectancy is higher compared to other countries. When you really look at them, you will find that they are all slim, with flawless looking skin that is the envy of others. The question that most people are asking is how they manage to keep it that way. If you want to know how the Japanese managed to maintain their health and figure, try the following tips out.

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Healthy eating

The Japanese prefer to eat home cooked meals on a regular basis as opposed to ordering food from restaurants or takeouts. A usual meal in their household may consist of a cup of rice, nori or seaweed sheets, a cup of green tea, miso soup, and the like. You will find that most of their meals have something green in it which means that they are getting plenty of antioxidants in their body which can protect them against free radicals that are damaging their body.

Eating fermented foods

Another tip to staying slim that the Japanese are doing is eating fermented foods. Think kombucha, miso, kimchi, kefire, and tempeh which are high in vitamins and minerals that support one’s overall health. Fermented foods can help regulate the gut flora so that your digestion will work 100%. This way, your food will be digested properly and that you will be able to absorb important nutrients in the process too.

Active lifestyle

You will find that the Japanese are living an active lifestyle. Most of us think that an active lifestyle means going to the gym and pumping iron but there is more to this than just sweating it out in the gym. Most Japanese prefer to walk or ride their bikes from their home to their destination. Public transport is amazing in Japan and most people just walk to the train stations. This means that they are constantly burning fats because their body is constantly moving.

Smaller portions

The Japanese also portion their meals rather than grabbing everything that is laid out on the table. This way, they are better able to control their food consumption. Add to this the fact that they rarely talk while eating shows that their attention is to the food that they are eating hence they are aware when their belly is full or not.

Taking hot bath

Another tip that will help you stay slim the Japanese way is to take a hot bath. Hot baths are perfect for letting your muscles relax because your blood circulation is enhanced. Doing a hot bath twice a month can actually cleanse your skin from any impurities and even boost your digestion too.

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