7 Reflexology Benefits

Reflexology is practice that focuses on reflex points that points to the other parts of the body. Using pressure on these points, the body is stimulated towards natural healing.

Blockages are cleared, energy is refreshed, and the body results in a better equilibrium, contributing to better health. Pressure applied on the hands and feet are the most common type of reflexology.


The left part of the body is reflected on the left foot. Reflexology has many practices and methods. This has become popular in many therapies.

Being a holistic approach to wellness, reflexology can be enjoyed by people of all ages. This practice has brought relief from a wide range of different conditions, both chronic and acute.

The Benefits of Reflexology

Body Balancer

Balance is a necessity for the body to function properly. The body only runs smoothly in a state of equilibrium. A malfunction in the body is the result of an imbalance. This is where reflexology comes in. It helps in sustaining balance in the different body organs, glands, muscles, tissue, and cell in the body. It leaves all the systems in the body fully functioning.

Circulation Improvement

Efficient blood circulation is necessary for a healthy body. The nutrients and oxygen needed by the body to function well is distributed by the blood. It also collects wastes products and other toxins. Tension and stress brings pressure to the vascular system, causing it to tighten. As a result, the blood flow is restricted.

The tissues then become deprived of oxygen, making the body sluggish. All the systems suffer because of this.

Stress Relief

Anemia, insomnia, fatigue, migraines, and other digestive problems are all related to stress. Factors such as a busy lifestyle and emotional factors are unavoidable. Stress is damaging both to the mind and the body. Prolonged stress weakens the body’s immune system. Relaxation brought about by relaxation fights stress and keeps the body in perfect balance.

Stimulate Nerve Function

With more than 7,000 nerves in the body stimulated, neural pathways are cleared with the application of reflexology. Pathways that are clogged and blocked are cleared. Pain is reduced as an effect.

Cleansing and Detoxification

Toxins and waste should be released from the body. A build-up of these causes the body to be tired and sluggish. Keep the urinary systems, digestive systems, and lymphatic systems free from toxin and waste build-up. Reflexology promotes the elimination of these toxins.

Improve Immune System

The risk of infection is reduced with reflexology. It stirs up and builds-up the lymphatic system. It encourages the synthesis of endorphins which results to well-being and and balance.

Muscle Relaxation

Tension in the muscles is the result of various activities such as sitting in one position, lifting heavy objects, lifting weights, and even emotional problems. The body’s balance is overthrown with much stress. Reflexology makes the nerve endings stimulated releasing the energy relax muscles, and restore physical harmony.

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