Habits That Make Your Pores Enlarge

Skin care experts say that some people can put the blame on their genes for having gigantic pores that can keep them from posting close ups on social media without using tons of filters.

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Aside from the genes, there are other things that can cause the pores to enlarge — some of them are everyday habits that you may be guilty of doing!

If you want to learn about some of the reasons why you have massive pores, don’t stop reading now. And also, don’t forget to share this article on your various social media sites later on so that your beauty-conscious family members and friends may be able to check out its entirety, too.

Not Using the Right Cleanser

Having excess oil can definitely leave the pores looking gigantic. Needless to say, the presence of large pores is a beauty nightmare common among people who have oily skin.

Worry not if you’re one of those people with hyperactive sebaceous glands — simply make sure that you use a facial cleanser that is specifically formulated for someone whose skin is very oily.

Do not make the mistake of washing your face more than 2 to 3 times a day as it will only make your face oilier and thus your pores larger. In between facial washings, get rid of excess oil using tissue or blotting paper.

Eating the Wrong Foods

Aside from getting your hands on a facial wash meant for oily skin, it’s also very important for you to carefully mind what you put in your mouth each time.

Skin care experts confirm that a diet that’s high in sugar and carbohydrates can make your skin shiner than ever as a result of hormonal imbalance. The same outcome can be expected if you’re fond of eating processed food products.

In order to fend off excess oil production and ultimately gigantic pores, steer clear of unhealthy foods and add plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables to your everyday diet.

Failure to Exfoliate on a Regular Basis

One of the beauty-related problems that people with oily skin tend to complain about is the presence of a lot of blackheads.

It’s true that blackheads themselves do not cause your pores to enlarge. However, they can certainly make your already massive pores look even more noticeable!

In order to remove blackheads and also keep them from forming in the first place, it’s a wonderful idea for you to exfoliate on a regular basis to keep your pores free of clogs. Just see to it that you do not exfoliate more than twice a week to keep unnecessary problems from striking.

Refusal to Apply Moisturizer Daily

Just because you have oily skin doesn’t mean that you can skip applying moisturizer on a regular basis. According to skin care experts, oil is not water and thus it cannot hydrate your skin cells.

Even people with oily skin can end up with dry skin, which is something that can make the pores appear bigger than they really are.

Consider purchasing and applying moisturizer that’s intended for someone with oily skin — it has a lighter formulation that won’t make your face look super shiny and your pores end up clogged.

Getting Too Much Sun

To get plenty of vitamin D that helps keep the bones strong and the mood lifted, it’s a good idea to allow the skin to be touched by the sun every now and then because the sun is an excellent source of the said nutrient.

However, it’s a terrible idea to allow your skin to come into contact with the sun excessively, most especially between 10 in the morning and 4 in the afternoon — it can damage your skin, and one of the effects of such is the presence of massive pores.

Needless to say, consider applying sunscreen with a sun protection factor or SPF of not less than 30 before going outside in the middle of the day to fend off large pores and many other cosmetic nightmares.

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