Top 5 Tips for Choosing a Daily Facial Cleanser

There are so many facial cleansers on the market, how can we determine what is the right product for us? Here are five easy tips you can keep in mind to determine what is the perfect facial cleanser for you.

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Determine your skin type:

Before buying any product we need to determine why you are buying it and for what. There are five kinds of skin types dry, oily, normal, sensitive and combination.


  • Normal Skin – Skin type that is perfectly balanced with oil, durability and moisture.
  • Oily Skin – Skin type that usually tends to get shiny and greasy in a few hours after washing.
  • Dry Skin – Skin type that lacks moisture and oils. Dry skin type tends to look flaky and dried out.
  • Sensitive Skin – Skin type that often gets irritated from chemicals and environmental factors. It is very prone to allergic reactions.
  • Combination Skin – This skin type is a combination of one or two skin types.


Finding the right one:

When you manage to determine your skin type, it is now time to eliminate products.

Natural Skin – You can find product on the market that can keep your skin balanced and healthy.

Oily Skin – people that have oily skin should pick a cleanser that has a low pH level. This will prevent oil from accumulating and gently washes it off  from the face.

Dry Skin – people that have dry skin type would avoid products that have a good deal of alcohol content. Alcohol will only dry out the skin more.

Sensitive Skin – Avoid cleansers that contain harmful and strong chemicals.

Combination Skin – Pick cleansers that can balance out the skin.


Makeup Removers – Makeup removers and cleansers are different. Use a makeup remover to fully remove makeup from the skin and prevent clogged pores.


Read The Ingredients:

Always look at the contents of the facial cleanser. You can find out the amount of alcohol or the harmful ingredients in them. If you are unaware of the ingredients, ask a sales specialist or your dermatologist.


Use a skin journal:

Since you are just starting to use a new product, record everything. Improvements and allergic reactions, this will help you determine if the product is right for you and can be used as a guideline to pick a different product.


Professional Advice:

It’s always best to ask a professional when it comes to skin care. Ask a skin specialist about different products and choices.


Before buying any facial cleaner determine your skin type and ingredients in them. Some facial cleanser can do more harm than good.


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