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Teas That Promote Hair Growth

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Drinking certain herbal teas (and also using some of them as a hair and scalp rinse) can in fact let you enjoy a thicker mane. So if you want to get rid of hair loss in a more natural approach, keep on reading this article — below you will come across certain herbal teas that can let you have the tresses of your wildest dreams!

Are you aware that there are drugs approved by the FDA for hair loss? Some of them are applied topically while others are taken orally. But whether you intend to opt for something that you massage on your scalp or flush down your throat, one thing remains true: it’s for certain that there are some side effects to put up with. Some of them may be negligible while others may be adverse and also risky.

Fortunately for you, enjoying traffic-stopping thick hair doesn’t have to be a perilous task — there are herbal teas scientifically-proven to help deal with hair loss. You may be excited to give them a try so that you may be spotted with voluminous hair in no time. So without further ado, here are some of the herbal teas that you may count on:

Lavender Tea

When lavender tea is mentioned, a lot of people immediately think about phenomenal all-natural remedy for insomnia because of its ability to loosen tensed muscles and also relax a mind that’s flooded with anxious thoughts.

Sadly, not a lot of people including most especially beauty-conscious ones are aware of the fact that lavender tea is also great for dealing with baldness — it’s for this reason why a lot of personal care products that encourage thicker and longer hair have lavender extract in them.

Rosemary Tea

There’s another herbal tea that’s popular among insomniacs who wish to enjoy a good night’s sleep all-naturally, and that’s none other than rosemary tea. This healthy beverage with a distinct pine-like aroma is also actually very good for alleviating stress and anxiety for its soothing abilities.

According to scientists, rosemary tea can help fend off hair loss because of its ability to encourage optimized circulation to the scalp. Additionally, rosemary tea can help fend off excessive scalp dryness which is something that can impede accelerated hair growth.

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Peppermint Tea

During a bout of indigestion, there are a handful of herbal teas that come into the minds of many. One of those that a lot will surely reach for is a cup of peppermint tea that is revered for its ability to put under control all kinds of problems that have something to do with the digestive system.

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Are you aware that experts say that peppermint tea is also something that can give you thicker and longer hair? It works because it has the ability to stimulate dormant hair follicles. Whether taken by mouth or applied on the scalp, you will surely enjoy a more head-turning mane if you count on peppermint tea on a regular basis.

Saw Palmetto Tea

In some situations, hormonal imbalance is the one to blame for hair loss. Such can be due to so many different reasons — from menopause, chronic stress, exposure to pollutants in the environment to the existence of certain medical conditions such as problems concerning the thyroid gland.

That is why the intake of saw palmetto tea is commonly recommended if the reason for unwanted hair shedding and also thinning is hormonal imbalance. The said healthy beverage has the ability to restore normal hormone balance within, scientists say.


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