Shocking Facts About Your All Time Favorite Potato Chips

It may be hard to accept the fact that the snack almost everybody in the world likes to eat is simply a wolf In sheep’s clothing. Potato chips are bad for two things: the addiction it causes is in the same danger level with that of drugs, and one package of potato chips is no different from drinking cooking oil measuring at five liters.

You can still eat potato chips if you would like but there has to be moderation: twice a month. For pregnant women, eating potato chips during pregnancy leaves the woman with the same dangerous she would get if she were smoking. Manufacturers design potato chips in a way that it would be addictive. Similar with eating melted cheese, potato chips leave a taste in your mouth that causes you to want more. There is sufficient fat in potato chips that stimulate the part behind the mouth called “the center”, then sends signals to your brain. By instinct, the brain needs sweet, greasy, and salty foods, which makes people want to eat potato chips more. “Premium” and various “tastes”, with natural ingredients and less fat, offered by shops are just in the same danger as “regular” chips.

Another thing that’s worse is that there are cancer-causing chemical present in nearly every bag or bottle of potato chips. The world’s most popular brand, Pringles, contains the substance. They are not the only product to have it, however. This chemical substance is called ‘acrylamide’, found essentially in all potato chips. Experts consider it a dangerous cancer-causing chemical, making potato chips joining the ranks of the most harmful processed foods sold on the market.

When foods rich in carbohydrates are cooked 100-degree Celsius or 212-degrees Fahrenheit, acrylamide is produced. It doesn’t matter if you roast, fry, or bake a potato, it will produce acrylamide regardless. Junk foods contain high acrylamide content and the massiveness of it is in nowhere near than those of whole foods that have been cooked naturally.

French fries and potato chips both are number one sources of acrylamide. Nearly every single potato chip product in America exceeds the acrylamide limit content set by the law by roughly 39 times whereas other brands have greater content by 910 times.

However, studies have revealed the acrylamide is not the only cancer-causing chemical in the world. There are in fact over 800 compounds that forms by heat, and 52 of them have the potential to become dangerous carcinogens. Obviously, this means you should avoid cooking your food under high temperatures.

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