Should You Wax this Summer?

Summer is here and for sure you’re thinking of whether you should wax or not so that you’ll look your best when you strip down to your swimwear. But before you let your waxer do whatever they want, you need to learn the right approach based on your skintone, skin type, as well as hair type.

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If you are wondering whether to wax or not this summer, here are a few tips for you to consider.

Bikini area. When it comes to the bikini area, the best option would be to wax. Shaving will leave some stubbles that give this area that rough feeling not to mention nicks and cuts where bacteria can grow. Even using laser to reduce the hair in your bikini area is not really recommended as hair will still grow and you will be forced to wax just to get the results you are looking for. With waxing, not only will you get to remove the hair in your bikini line but your skin will also be smooth to the touch.

Legs. For the legs, both waxing and shaving will do. It’s just a matter of preference and of course, the results. If you want to have smooth and hair-free legs, then make an appointment with your waxer. This may be a bit on the expensive side but the results are that your hair will grow slower, there won’t be any stubbles, and you won’t have any razor burns to worry about. On the other hand, shaving is cheaper and can be done on your own, although you will need to be careful and shave properly otherwise you will get some uneven hair growth in the process or razor burns.

Underarms. A lot of people prefer to wax their underarms instead of shaving because it gives a smoother result. Also, waxing prevents stubbles from forming which you can usually get when you shave your underarms. Another plus to waxing your underarms is that the hair that grows back tends to be softer, not the hard bristles that you often experience when shaving. You can also try cream bleach if you are not fond of waxing. Laser is another option when it comes to removing hair under your arms. There are hair removal lasers being sold today that you can use safely.

Face. Unless you have dark hair growing on your face, skip facial waxing. Keep in mind that we need those fuzz as protection for our skin. Waxing can remove them completely leaving your skin exposed to the elements. Remember that the skin on your face can be sensitive and may not tolerate waxing. If you have to deal with thick eyebrows, you should consider threading as it will help remove stray hairs easily but with a bit of pain too. Another plus to threading is that the hair will take some time to grow back which means you’ll enjoy beautifully shaped eyebrows for a long time.

Arms. This may surprise you but there are some people who actually remove the hair on their arms, well, for vanity reasons. Waxing can leave your skin smoother while preventing hair from growing quickly. Shaving is never really recommended for this part of your body as it can make your hair darker plus you have to deal with stubbles too. No one really wants to see those stubbles growing on your arms so make sure that you stick with waxing for this part of your body. 

These are just a few tips that you should consider the next time you are thinking about waxing. Depending on where you want to remove hair from, you need to choose the right method for the best results.

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