Knowing the Different Health and Beauty Benefits of Bay Leaves

Although they cannot be eaten directly, bay leaves can be added to so many dishes to make them even more flavorful. These aromatic herbs are also used for making perfumes as well as bay leaf essential oil which is commonly employed for its various medicinal and therapeutic properties.

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Bay leaves are currently available fresh or dried. Many health food stores also sell them in powdered form. According to the experts, bay leaves contain vitamins, minerals and plant-based compounds capable of killing off bacteria, relieving inflammation, promoting diuresis and many other beneficial actions.

Continue reading if you want to know more about the numerous wonders bay leaves can offer. Below are the various benefits of these well-known herbs to your overall health as well as beauty.

Health Benefits

  • Promote better digestion – Bay leaves are known to stimulate the digestive process for the proper assimilation of nutrients. Traditionally, they are used for the treatment of problems such as flatulence, indigestion and heartburn. Spicing up dishes with bay leaves is also beneficial for people who wish to stimulate the appetite.
  • Alleviate the symptoms of cough, cold and flu – Thanks to the antimicrobial properties of bay leaves, they may be used for the attainment of relief from the symptoms of various respiratory tract infections. Bay leaves boiled in water produce an infusion which may be applied on the chest or even consumed to manage cough, cold and flu.
  • Relieve various body aches and pains – Bay leaf essential oil is known to be very good at dealing with pain and swelling. It’s a great idea to massage it on aching joints and strained muscles to speed up the healing. You may also apply bay leaf essential oil on the temples to obtain relief from headaches and migraine.
  • Prevent cancer cell development and multiplication – Due to the impressive amounts of plant-based compounds such as catechins, bay leaves are known to help prevent the development of various types of cancer. Studies have shown that these compounds with antioxidant properties can also keep cancer cells from multiplying.
  • Cure kidney infections and prevent kidney stones – Boiling bay leaves in water and consuming the infusion is known to be excellent at dealing with various infections of the kidneys. Doing this is also recommended for people who are prone to developing kidney stones to ward off their formation.
  • Keep heart disease at bay – Something as simple as consuming healthy dishes spiced up with bay leaves can help reduce your risk of suffering from heart disease. Such is made possible by the various compounds found in these herbs that have antioxidant properties which help in maintaining the health of the heart.

Beauty Benefits

  • Maintain skin that looks young and healthy – Due to the plant-based compounds in bay leaves that help in neutralizing free radicals known to accelerate the formation of wrinkles and fine lines. You can come up with a homemade anti-aging solution by placing your face over a steaming pot of water with bay leaves boiled in it.
  • Relax the body and kill off odor-causing bacteria – A luxurious and deodorizing bath need not leave a humungous hole in the pocket. All you have to do is place some powdered bay leaves in an old stocking, secure the open end, and dunk it in a tub filled with lukewarm water. Immerse in it for several minutes for utmost relaxation.
  • Whiten the skin and teeth – If you want to enjoy fairer skin, simply boil bay leaves in water. Allow to cool, strain and use it for rinsing your face. This solution also helps accelerate the drying of pimples and acne. You may also rub bay leaves on your teeth a couple of times a week for a beaming smile.
  • Treat dandruff and prevent hair loss – Boiling bay leaves in water and rinsing your hair with the infusion once cool is said to be very good at putting an end to dandruff. It’s also known to help prevent hair loss that leaves you with thinning hair. Bay leaf essential oil may also be massaged on balding spots.
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