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Simple Tips to Look Younger

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We live in a world where looking young is one of the many things that matters the most. Aging is inevitable but there are ways to slow it down. Before you think about surgery, try these simple tips to look younger.

First, be happy. Basically, stress makes you look older. Stress gives you wrinkles and elders were right all along whenever they say, “Don’t get so angry or you’d look like us quickly.” Regular exercise and an active lifestyle also add up. 20 pushups every morning after you wake up won’t hurt.

Another simple method is to drink lots of water. Make it a point to drink 2 liters a day. If we were to practice a “water only for liquids” rule, the body would have a permanent source of energy in the morning, eliminating the need for coffee just to set that little spark to set things in your body in motion.

Try to dress younger. Just because you’re at your middle 40s doesn’t mean you should dress with a gentleman’s hat and look like a highly admirable “sir”. It is understandable that fashion is a personal thing but if you really want to look younger, you may have to make slight tweaks to your fashion style. Light colors are often associated with youth, so try to wear more of them.

Take good care of your face. Maintain a healthy regimen. For men, shave your beard and moustache. Keep your hair short. For women, don’t over pluck your eyebrows when applying eyebrow pencil. Your pretty eyebrows have a lot to do with the young appearance of your face. Don’t forget your manicures and pedicures. Also, avoid wearing heavy makeup.

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