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7 Crazy Things That Happen During Sleep

Sleeping is a weird human experience. We need it every day to keep us functioning and mentally stable. You’re in a short term coma...

15 Foods You Must Know to Keep You Hydrated

Foods that have high water content are great for the hot summer. It can keep you hydrated and refreshed. Food with high water content...

6 Superfoods You Might Want to Avoid

Don’t let the name fool you, not all Superfoods are scientifically proven, Some of it can worsen your condition, some are useless and some...

12 Amazing Tips You Can Try to Make Drinking Water Less Boring

You'd love to drink more water—if only it wasn't so blah. Add some pep to your H-2-ho-hum with these quick fixes. In case your head...

20 Home Remedies You Must Know…

There are a lot of life hacks popping out online. Like my fellow life hackers, I have decided to jump aboard the helping other...

12 Tips on Staying Inspired

Here are fruitful  12 Tips on Staying Inspired  

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