Terrible Pre-Workout Habits That You Should Ditch

Frustrated that you were not able to make the most out of your time at the gym because you felt lightheaded 5 minutes after stepping on the treadmill or you could not complete a set of bicep curls properly? Some of the things you do prior to hitting the gym may be the reasons why you cannot seem to workout effectively and enjoyably.

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Luckily, you can easily get back on the right path towards getting fitter and healthier simply by turning your back on some horrible pre-workout habits that can certainly ruin anyone’s workout session just like that. Once you have made a few much-needed tweaks, you will find that your every gym visit has never been as productive.

It’s time to take a look at the things that can ruin your workout. Identify the ones you are guilty of and do your best to scrap them so that you may enjoy noticeable performance improvements each time you step foot at the gym!

Not Eating

Perhaps you might have read or heard somewhere that your body burns more calories if you workout on an empty stomach. Ask yourself this: how will you be able to exercise in the first place if your body has no fuel? Having a light meal such as a serving of oatmeal or yogurt at least half an hour before you hit the gym is certainly a good idea.

Eating Too Much

Like they say, too much of something is bad. Nothing can be truer than having a large meal just before you workout. It will surely give you all the energy you need — and plenty more that you may not be able to burn. Working out with tons of food in your stomach is hard on the digestive system and ultimately your entire body.

Drinking Lots of Water

During and after your workout, you should definitely guzzle down plenty of water. However, it is an entirely different story if you do it just before you grab that pair of dumbbells. Having lots of water in your tummy may actually cause nausea and even abdominal cramping once you start carrying out your fitness regimen of the day.

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Taking Protein Shake

Many fitness experts warn people against chugging protein shakes prior to working out due to the fact that protein is extra challenging for the stomach to process. An upset stomach may keep you from completing or even starting your exercise routines trouble-free. The best time to have that protein shakes? Within 2 hours after working out.

Having Lots of Coffee

It’s no secret that having a cup of coffee just before you head to the gym can help boost your energy levels and make you burn a few extra calories. However, taking too much of it can actually be counterproductive. Not only might you end up feeling lightheaded in the middle of your workout, but also rushing to the toilet due to the digestive side effect.

Partying All Night Long

If you think that you deserve a pat on the back for heading to the gym despite of partying all night long, better think again. Alcohol and exercise is definitely not a good mix because it will only put you at risk of getting hurt or injured. Get some sleep after partying the whole night. Better yet, quit painting the town red ’til morning.

Not Sleeping

Lack of sleep is very stressful for the body. It’s exactly for this reason why it is not a good idea to hit the gym if you failed to have some shut-eye the night before. Otherwise, all the hard work your various systems need to do for proper functioning will only make you feel tried out even before you have completed a set.

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