The Best Foods For Your Brain

The brain is the control centre of your body. Keeping it healthy is what enables it to function optimally. Note that a healthy and active lifestyle is keys to being creative and productive. So if you need some major thinking to do and you need your brain to be working superbly, here’s a list of foods that can help fuel your brain.

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1. Spinach

Not a fan of spinach? Well read on so you’ll find why it needs to be included in your diet.
First, all green and leafy veggies are packed with vitamins C, E, and other nutrients that are good for your body. It also helps in improving the cognitive abilities of a person.

2. Tea and Coffee

More than just stimulate your body during sleepy mornings, tea and coffee has been proven to be effective in slowing down the effects of Alzheimer’s while improving other cognitive functions.

3. Berries

There are different kinds of berries, and they’re all quite tasty. Apart from it being such tasty treats for the palate, berries can help improve a person’s memory and recall abilities. It also helps combat depression. With its antioxidant content, berries help decrease a certain type of stress in the body cells that are responsible for triggering aging. Berries also help boost the brain’s signalling abilities.

4. Fish

Fish is a rich source of the good fatty acid referred to as omega-3. Ample amounts of omega-3 in the body not only help a person combat cardiovascular diseases, studies have also shown that it helps in the slowing down of the degradation of one’s cognitive skills. Fish with high Vitamin B12 content also helps in the prevention of Alzheimer’s disease.

5. Walnuts

Nuts have always been linked to brain power. The brain’s capacity to function well and effectively has been found out to increase by just adding nuts into a person’s daily diet. Walnut also contains a lot of antioxidants that can help combat the free radicals in the body that triggers aging and cell degeneration. Antioxidants also prevent damage to the brain cells’ DNA.

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