The Greatness That Is Ginger

Ginger, a flexible ingredient is seen in several known drinks and dishes. It is also used to make spicy food and as preservative. It has long been regarded as one of the common herbs used to relieve several kinds of illnesses due to its medicinal properties.

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Ginger is available in different parts of the world but the largest producer of this spicy and aromatic herb is India.

The use of ginger in relieving digestive problems such as appetite loss, motion sickness, nausea and pain dates back centuries old and is already part of the world’s long history. It contains anti-inflammatory and antioxidants that provides health benefits. It includes beta-carotene, capsaicin, caffeic acid, curcumin, salicylate and gingerols.

On that note, we are presenting the health benefits of ginger.

1. It improves blood circulation.

  • Ginger has magnesium, chromium and zinc that can help improve blood flow. If you are suffering from fever, having chills or experiencing excessive sweat, loading up on ginger can aid you fight these symptoms.

2. It heals upset tummy.

  • Ginger helps relieve stomach ache due to indigestion, stomach bug and even vertigo. The phenolic compounds found in ginger brings relief to gastrointestinal irritation, stimulate saliva and bile production. It also suppresses gastric contractions and movement of food and fluids through gastrointestinal tract.

3. It reduces inflammation.

  • It has been centuries since ginger has been used to reduce pain due to inflammation and treat other inflammatory condition. Ginger has natural anti-inflammatory compounds that help lessen inflammation. Turmeric coming from the same family of ginger is also a popular option for dealing with inflammation. You may opt to take it through cooking, pills, or apply it topically. However, applying it topically may temporarily dye your skin with a slight orange hue.

4. It alleviates nausea.

  • When you feel nauseous, chewing raw ginger or drinking ginger tea can help. Likewise, pregnant women who suffer from morning sickness can safely take ginger to relieve nausea and vomiting either in a form of lozenges or candies. Even those people who suffered from motion sickness associated nausea can benefit from ginger.

5. It eases pain.

  • A study reported that taking ginger supplementation daily reduced exercise-induced muscle pain by 25 percent. It has also been found to ease the symptoms of dysmenorrhea, a severe pain occur during menstruation. A separate study found out that 83 percent of women who take ginger capsules have shown signs of improvement in pain symptoms than those 47 percent who are on placebo.

6. It relieves cold and flu.

  • In Asia, ginger is popularly used as a natural remedy for colds and flu. To relieve adult from cold and flu symptoms, steep two tablespoon of freshly shredded or chopped ginger root in hot water, two to three times a day.
  • You can add ginger in your favorite tea and sip this zesty drink when you are nursing a cold.

7. It eases arthritis pain.

  • Some researches reveal that taking ginger can modestly lessen pain in some people who have osteoarthritis. One study demonstrates that intake of a specific ginger extract (Zintona EC) 250mg four times a day reduced arthritis pain in the knee after three months of treatment.
  • Research also suggests that massage therapy using oil with ginger and orange seems to alleviate short-term stiffness and pain in people with knee pain.

To reap the health benefits of ginger, you can take this herb in different forms. Ginger can be enjoyed fresh by peeling or grating it before use. However, in most recipes, a tablespoon of fresh grated ginger can be replaced with 1/8 teaspoon of ground ginger, and is found in the herbs and spices section in the supermarket.

Here are other brilliant ways to enjoy the greatness that ginger has:
• Add fresh ginger to you smoothie or juice.
• Infuse fresh or dried ginger to your next stir-fry or homemade salad dressing.
• Peeled fresh ginger can be steeped in boiling water to create your own ginger concoction tea.
• Spice up your fish recipe or dish by including fresh or dried ginger.

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