The Top Fat-Burning Foods

If you are trying to get in a winning shape, it’s a good idea to have your metabolic rate accelerated. One of the natural ways to pull this off is by eating 5 to 6 small meals per day — certainly not by steering clear of food as it will only prompt the body to go on starvation mode and make it harder for you to burn unwanted fats.

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While seated at the dining table, make sure that you have the following within your easy reach. All of them cause an increase in your core body temperature, thereby speeding up your metabolic rate and making it easier to zap fat.

Whole Foods


Your body requires more work when digesting whole foods. More work means a higher metabolic rate which causes more calories and fat to be burned. When shopping at the local supermarket, make it a habit to reach for food products that look just like how they appear in nature and not those that come in cans and bottles that underwent processing.

Hot Peppers

Other than making your favorite dishes pack more kick, hot peppers also accelerate your metabolic rate by considerably increasing your core body temperature. Regardless if you consume hot peppers raw, cooked, dried or powdered, you are sure to reap the fat-burning benefit.

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Lean Meats

Experts say that as much as 30% of the caloric content of protein is spent on having it digested. Opt for lean meats to make your metabolism run faster than normal as well as to spare yourself from consuming bad fats that make you pack those unwanted pounds.


There are a couple of reasons why eating legumes is good for someone like you who is trying to slim down. One, the likes of peas, beans and lentils are packed with protein that requires a lot of energy to get digested. Two, legumes are good sources of iron, a mineral that is linked to weight loss.

Low-Fat Dairies

Just because you are trying to slim down doesn’t have to mean ditching dairy products and failing to benefit from their health-giving goodness. Protein they contain is necessary for muscle building and, as earlier mentioned, helps accelerate that metabolic rate of yours. Calcium and vitamin D in dairies also allow for a more efficient burning of fat cells. To make it easier to attain your fitness goal, just see to it that you go for low-fat dairies.

Green Tea

Black iron asian teapot with sprigs of mint for tea

According to a published report, drinking as much as 4 cups of green tea a day makes it possible for a dieter to lose up to 6 pounds in a couple of months. The one to thank for it is epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG), a plant-based compound known to stoke the metabolism. Green tea has caffeine too that helps make it more efficient for your body to burn calories and fat.

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