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Tips to Get that Fresh Summer Look

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Who doesn’t want to harness summertime beauty throughout the year? Follow these steps to get a sparkling summer look even in the dead of winter.

Step 1: Face

Summer is all about looking natural. To achieve a fresh, glowing look, skip heavy products like foundation and concealer. Instead, clean and moisturize your face. Let your normal moisturizer soak in for 10 minutes, then apply a tinted moisturizer over it. The layered lotions create a dewy look, while the tint helps even out your skin. Instead of using powder the shade of your skin tone, which can look cakey, opt for a bronzer or highlighter that will give your skin a sexy, summery appearance.

Step 2: Tan

Get glowing skin with a fake but healthy tan. Select a product that will build color over time, and start with a thin layer to achieve a natural faux glow. Keep your skin hydrated so that the product smooths on evenly, and apply a light layer every few days until you reach your desired tone. Maintain the glow by adding a new layer of product after you notice the color has faded when viewed in natural sunlight. Apply too soon and you could end up orange.

Step 3: Makeup

For a fresh summer look, lighten up your makeup routine. You can stay in your favorite color palette with a few minor tweaks. For instance, if you prefer rich reds or bright fuchsias for your lips, try those same colors in a gloss. Play with softer colors on your eyes, but consider trying summery shades of blue, orange and yellow. Finally, swap out your powdered blush for a cream in a soft pink.

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Step 4: Hair

The freshest summer hair looks soft and casual. Spritz damp hair with a texturizing spray that contains salt to replicate a fresh-off-the-beach look. Allow it to air dry while you separate and shape strands with your fingers. For a workplace alternative, create loose, natural waves. Start with a product that works to eliminate frizz and flyaways. With a large curling iron, twist sections of your hair around the barrel — not under the clamp — until soft waves form. To make it look natural, don’t wrap the top or bottom inch around the curling iron. Use your fingers to separate any curls that are too tight.

Step 5: Nails

No more dark colors and jewel tones! Summer nails fall into two categories: brights and naturals. Choose unexpected brights like yellow or perennial favorites like hot pink to add a pop of color to your summer look. If you prefer naturals, select a barely-there pink.

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