Crazy about Your Nails: Expert Nail Tips Every Woman Should Know

Hello to my fellow nail addicts! We have compiled a list of life changing nail tips that are going to make your nails and you very happy.

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• Apply oil around the cuticle to prevent excess nail polish from creating a mess.

• Hide chipped uneven nail polish with texturize nail polish. Use a glitter nail polish to hide bumps or use nail art beads to hide uneven texture.

• Quickly dry your nails by dunking them in ice cold water.

• Apply two coats of nail; polish and hold the nails above steam for three seconds. This will remove the shine from the nail polish and create a matte polish.

• When applying nail decals or stickers, top it off with clear nail polish to prevent it from peeling.

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• Glitter nail polishes are hard to remove. Use felt cloth instead of cotton balls when removing glitter nail polish.

• Do you want a marbled effect nail art? Apply your first base of nail polish and let it dry. Apply your second base of nail polish before it dries tear out a piece of plastic wrap and blot it on the nails.

This will create a marble effect on the nails. Top it off with clear nail polish.
• Create the perfect French tip by placing a binder sticker (donut shaped sticker) near the edge of the nail and fill in the tip. You can also use this sticker to create numerous nail art designs.

• Create ombre nails using a makeup sponge. Take out old or used makeup sponge. Measure your nails on the sponge and start painting with colors on the sponge from dark to light or vice versa. When done, dab the sponge gently on the nail, slowly lift the sponge. Instant ombre nails.

• Apply coconut oil on the cuticle and nails and wrap in foil. Leave it overnight and wash off with soap in the morning. This will soften your cuticles and prevent cracked nails.
These are the top go to nail care and nail art strategies for gorgeous and healthy nails. Try some of the easy to do nail art tips with your friends and have a mani-pedi party at home.

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