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Treat Cough Babies with Home Remedies

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Babies can feel under the weather from time to time where colds and cough can happen. As a parent, you are sure to feel troubled that your baby is having a hard time with their colds or flu and for sure, you will be heading towards your baby’s doctor to find out what you can do to alleviate the problem. But you don’t really have to panic when your baby starts to sneeze or cough because there are home remedies that you can use to help make them feel better. Which remedies can help your little one? Here are a few worth mentioning.

Vapor rubs

If your baby is about 3 months old and up, vapor rubs are highly recommended. Look for a product that has a mild formula of menthol and eucalyptus which you can rub on your little one’s neck, chest, and back. Let your baby inhale the vapors that are coming from the rub to help clear up the nasal passages so he or she will be able to breathe better.


Another home remedy that you can use to help make your baby feel better is allowing them to rest more. It is at this stage where your baby’s body can start to heal itself on its own. Prepare a quiet place for them to get enough sleep and make sure that they are comfortable. This makes it easier for them to drift off to sleep for hours where it can do them a world of good.

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It is important that you keep your baby hydrated throughout his illness as dehydration can sap their strength and leave them prone to worse coughs and colds. It is important that you prepare soups that are nutritious and delicious so you won’t have a hard time feeding your little one with it. There are some instances when your baby won’t feel like eating but be patient. It is important that he gets enough fluids in his body as much as possible.


Steaming is another way to help treat cough in babies. You can use a humidifier to add more moisture to the air so your little one will be able to breathe better or, you can boil some water, place it in a bowl, add a few drops of essential oils in it such as peppermint, then let your baby or child inhale the steam. You’ll find that your baby can breathe easier because of this method.

Herbal remedies

You can prepare herbal remedies for your baby too, especially when they have cough, because they are quite safe to use. For example, you can mix some honey with crushed basil leaves to treat cough and colds. You can also mix some ginger juice with warm water and a bit of honey to give your baby so there will be less cough and colds.

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