Heal Wounds Faster with These Home Solutions

The very first thing you need to do after incurring a minor wound is to have the area washed with soap and water. The application of antibacterial ointment afterwards helps in preventing infection, thus allowing the injury to heal much faster.

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Fret not if you just found out that the tube of antibacterial ointment in the medicine cabinet or first aid kit is already empty. That’s because there are lots of effective alternatives to it, much of them may already be found in your kitchen. Continue reading to know some of the most impressive home remedies to make that minor wound heal faster than normal.


Applying honey on a minor wound is beneficial for a couple of reasons. First, it provides effective pain relief. Second, honey kills off bacteria that can cause an infection. Researches have shown that honey is actually several times more powerful than commercially-available skin antibiotics. However, make sure that you opt for pure honey that is raw as the cooking process tends to kill off the enzymes responsible for the antibacterial action of honey.


Ever wondered what is that pungent oily liquid that comes out when you crush garlic? That substance is called allicin, and it has impressive antibacterial properties. To help keep a minor wound from getting infected, simply crush a clove or garlic and apply directly on the injury. After about 20 minutes, rinse off with water. Allowing crushed garlic to stay there for too long is not a good idea as it may damage skin tissue which could slow down the healing process.

Cayenne Pepper

Especially if you cannot stand the sight of blood, all you have to do is immediately sprinkle some cayenne pepper on the minor wound. Doing this helps put a stop to the bleeding. What’s more, this hot spice is very good at zapping bacteria. So if you cannot find that tube of skin antibiotic, simply go to the kitchen and head straight to the spice rack.

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A wonderful alternative to cayenne pepper is turmeric. Other than being a good antimicrobial agent, another amazing thing about this spice with a lovely deep-yellow color is it helps prevent inflammation. Just like cayenne pepper, it can effectively put a stop to bleeding too.


Another all-natural home remedy for minor wounds that many people swear by is potato. After washing your skin with soap and water, grab a small piece of potato, then peel and grate it. Place everything on a small piece of cloth. Fold neatly and place on the minor wound. Replace with a new one every 4 hours. It’s a good idea to leave it overnight, secured in place with the help of a clean gauze or bandage.

Tea Tree Oil

One very popular home remedy for various skin problems such as warts, ringworm and athlete’s foot is tea tree oil. This doesn’t really come as a shock because it can zap bacteria, viruses and fungi. Placing a few drops of tea tree oil on a minor wound can help prevent an infection as well as speed up the healing.

Aloe Vera

The gel inside the aloe vera leaf possesses antiseptic properties, making it very good at preventing a minor wound from getting infected. Also, the said gel is packed with vitamin E that can promote the speedy healing of broken skin. Simply break off an aloe vera leaf and apply the gel on the minor wound. Repeat every couple of hours.

Coconut Oil

Of all the powerful home remedies for a minor wound, nothing smells as delightful as coconut oil. But don’t let that yummy scent fool you — this healthy oil is a super powerful antibacterial agent. Simply daub on the cut or scrape to keep bacteria from multiplying and causing an infection. The nicest thing about coconut oil is it may actually ward off nasty scarring if you continue to apply it several times daily as the minor wound heals.

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