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14 Unbelievable Fun Facts of our Human Body

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I bet these facts are to blown your mind into orbit. The human body is an amazing machine, the things it can do, and how it all works is absolutely incredible, thank God really for this body. One Reddit user asked, “What is your favorite fun-fact about the human body?” These are some of the best answers we got.  These may seen unexplainable and unbelievable but it is true.


1.  Semen ejaculates at 27 mph, making it illegal in school zones.

2.  Humans are deuterostomes, meaning that the hole that became your mouth formed after the hole that became your anus. There was a point in your development where you were basically just an hole.

3.  When a pregnant woman suffers organ damage (such as a heart attack), the fetus sends stem cells to the damaged organ to help repair it.

14 Unbelievable Fun Facts of our Human Body

4.  The inside of your cheek is made of the same tissue as the inside of the vagina. Yes, it may have something to do with the popularity of BJ’s.

5.   The tongue is the only muscle in the body ONLY connected at one end.

14 Unbelievable Fun Facts of our Human Body

6.  Right before you vomit, your mouth fills with quite a bit of saliva, this normally happens like 30-45 seconds before. It does this to help protect your mouth from the acids in the vomit. It’s also a good indicator that you are going to vomit. So if that happens to you find the nearest toilet, bush, or garbage can.

7.  The average boner uses about two tablespoons of blood to become erect, and about the same amount of blood is in a gerbil.

8.  There’s urea in the eye boogers you develop while sleeping. This basically means you pee from your eyes while you sleep.

9.  Pollen is essentially ‘plant sperm’. Therefore, this makes hay fever an STD. Since no one voluntarily takes in pollen, I’ve concluded we’re all being r*ped by trees.

10.  Your heart rate slows when your face touches water, it’s called the mammalian dive reflex.

14 Unbelievable Fun Facts of our Human Body

11. The average person farts enough in 24 hours to fill a standard child’s balloon.

12.  There’s actually a blind spot in your vision, but your brain fills it in.

13.  You can always see your nose but your mind just ignores it.

14 Unbelievable Fun Facts of our Human Body

14.  At the onset of high stress, your blood thickens. This is to encourage clotting of blood in the case of a physical attack. This is often why stress contributes to heart attacks.

14 Unbelievable Fun Facts of our Human Body


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