10 Ways to Make Your Cardio More Enjoyable

Cardio exercises can be one of the most boring and routine things you can do to your day if you’re not careful. Why? Because it can get severely repetitive. Imagine hitting the treadmill for a light jog or doing low intensity cycling for an hour and see if your mind does not go blank at times. If you can find ways to amp-up your cardio exercises and make it more fun, would be more amenable to doing it? Here’s a list of ways to spice up your old and boring cardio workouts.

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1. Walk the dog.
Your pets need to get their share of daily exercises too! You’ll be amazed at how your dogs can entertain you with their tricks while you’re running together. Take your dog to a nearby running trail and enjoy your workout together.

2. Use heavy ropes.
Use of heavy ropes can up the tempo of your workout and will make you sweat in no time. It can help you shred some muscles, burn fats and get your heart pumping for that well-deserved adrenaline rush.

3. Do HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training)
HIITS can greatly increase your workout potentials and will be more rewarding in the long run. Example; if you’re into running, instead of jogging for a span of 60 minutes, intersperse 4 minutes of jogging with a minute of full sprints. Repeat said cycle for 3 to 4 times and then you’re done.

4. Stairs/Hill Sprints
If you want ore challenge and loves to have a more intensified workout, then try doing a stair or hill sprint. Tackle a hill nearby or sprint up a flight of stairs. This is a sure-fire way to drum up your heartbeat in such a short period of time.

5. Do Kettlebell Swings
Kettlebells are heavy weights which can be excellent in getting your entire body all worked-up.

6. Jump Rope
Jump ropes can pay extra attention to your calves. Not only will it get your heart pumping fast in no time, it will also reward you with shapely legs if you keep up with the habit.

7. Walk
Walking is said to be the preferred cardio exercise of quitters, but a lot of people beg to differ. In fact, walking is a very good exercise to do especially on your recovery day. Push yourself even more and walk at a targeted rate of 4 mph and you’ll be speed-walking your way to a healthier and sexier body.

8. Paintball/Laser tag
Playing paintball or laser tag is definitely a more fun version of any typical cardio exercise. And because you’re having fun, you wouldn’t even notice that you’re losing fats in the process.

9. Martial Arts
There’s something really “kick ass” in learning martial arts and making it a part of your cardio routine just made it even better. There is an array of martial arts that you can choose from—all of which you can reap massive health benefits from.

10. Run with the Music
Okay, tired of running? Well, why not try dancing with the music then? Put your iPod into shuffle mode and sway to the beat of whatever song is playing. You’ll work up a good sweat without you realizing it because you’re enjoying yourself.

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